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August 24, 2022

Genius Series: Sales Department

August 24, 2022

The Sales Department is at the frontline of Doctor Genius and our clients, responsible for branding and representation. Our Sales team consists of three tiers: Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Manager (AM), and Senior Account Manager (Sr. AM). I had the opportunity to speak with Phil Lopez, DG’s Vice President, and Brandon Jordan, Sales Manager, for a close-up look into the inner workings of our Sales Department operations.

About the Sales Department

The Sales Department is responsible for finding new prospects and opportunities our departments can successfully serve. The result of the search is the revenue production that passes to fueling the value-added services each department applies as it moves through the company one department at a time. “Sales is creating a journey by discovering areas of opportunity to enhance your [the client’s] product to achieve the user’s end goals, whatever that may be,” says Lopez, VP. The client’s goals become the overall goal of the sales team, along with discovering and providing new solutions to meet these goals.

Along with driving the organization forward, sales continually build rapport and trust with our clients throughout their journey with us. We believe in first impressions as the driving force that helps a company stand out from the competition. However, they also set up the expectations for the company as a whole. Our customer experience and solutions teams continually strive to implement new strategies and practices that keep our clients satisfied and ranking highly. That is why our biggest lead source is client and consumer referrals.

What the Sales Team Offers

The sole mission of the sales team focuses on our client base and their needs. As a marketing agency, we understand what it takes to build trust and boost ranking online and through social media. The Sales team offers search engine optimization (SEO), Content Strategy, Review generating tools, and a Client Portal for reporting and tracking. The primary signifying factor that sets DG apart from other marketing solution agencies is SEO: creating a digital presence that attracts more customers by giving the end user the best experience possible while searching for services.

The duties and responsibilities of the Sales Department include:

  • Daily prospecting
  • Conduct sales presentations
  • Track leads and opportunities
  • Send agreements
  • Build out accounts in Admin
  • Retain clients
  • Ongoing training

Overall, this department focuses on selling products and services that grow small, local businesses through organic placement. With the right expectations, clients smoothly move through each department (mainly pre-production, support, and customer success).

The Sales Process

The Sales process incorporates various materials, including a Sales Presentation for starting and ending points, a Keyword Planner tool to establish search volume, Places Scout for ranking reports, a Structured Data tool (Schema), Zoom, SalesForce, and DocuSign. 

The client onboarding process can take up to 60 days to close but can also be wrapped up sooner. The team begins by finding a qualified lead and booking an appointment to discuss the details. The next step is discovery, which entails determining whether the client is a good fit and their goals are attainable. The team then works to find areas of opportunity and set up a joint pitch and present the demo to the client. Lastly, the account manager sends a nurture email to wrap up the package details and what the client should expect moving forward.

Future Endeavors

The Sales team will host an online webinar on August 26th to showcase what it takes to onboard Doctor Genius’s new accounts and the sales process. It also intends to attract referrals from current employees as we always look for talent to develop our teams further. Additionally, the team will present the onboarding demo and illustrate the type of Salesperson that fits the profile of a Sales Genius. Lastly, it is a chance to showcase a client’s entire journey, from Sales to the finish line, as well as who handles management and continued maintenance of accounts.

In the future, the Sales team hopes to be involved in more tradeshows and Gorilla Marketing. They aim to increase monthly recurring revenue by selling higher tier packages, generating lead email lists, developing Sales Department representatives to account managers, and holding more campaigns. In addition, sales will attend the Greater New York Dental Meeting in November 2022, the Art and Science of Dentistry show hosted by the California Dental Association in 2023, and various tradeshows by Shared Practices. This is an opportunity for healthcare professionals (medical, dental, mental health, and general health) to learn more about Doctor Genius and what we do.

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