The Value of Using Photos From Your Actual Practice Over Stock Photos

September 19, 2022

One of the most important factors in attracting new patients to your practice is authenticity. People are searching for a practice and medical professionals they feel are trustworthy. A simple way to use online medical marketing to gain trust with prospective patients is to use pictures on your website that have been taken at your practice using real staff members. 

Why you should use actual photos from your practice 

Although stock images are affordable, easy to find, and save time, using them can put your practice at a disadvantage. Here are some reasons to make the switch to actual pictures of your team and practice.

Improve credibility

Most stock images are staged or not taken in realistic settings. The environments are idealized and not representative of your office. Allowing potential patients to see your team instead of posed models gives them the impression your practice is authentic. This tends to make people more comfortable coming to your practice and gives you valuable credibility before the patient even enters your building.

Increase the odds website visitors will remember your site

According to a study by renowned researcher Jakob Neilsen, stock images of generic people are largely ignored. People are so used to seeing generic photos used as filler, these photos are rarely scrutinized by visitors. One of the only ways to keep photos from being ignored is to make them stand out from the typical pictures viewers expect to see. When given a choice between a stock photo and a more authentic one, people are more likely to remember the more realistic picture.

Retain creative control of your branding

Branding is such an important component of marketing to patients, and using stock images is bound to create issues with keeping your message cohesive. When you use a stock image, you have no control over the text, colors, logos, and design of the photo. For these reasons, you will have a difficult time communicating your brand and the personality of your practice with this type of picture. Also, because these photos are not exclusive to your practice, other offices could be using the exact same ones on their websites. 

Build employee camaraderie

Even if the photo shoot is relatively low-budget, it can still provide a significant boost to staff morale. Including employees in pictures and featuring them on the website encourages them to feel valued and appreciated. A photo shoot can turn into a team-building exercise if you do it right.

Invite patients in by showing off your practice 

The creativity and authenticity displayed in custom photos cannot be duplicated by stock photos. When it comes to web design for doctors, Doctor Genius knows exactly how important both the content and the images are. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can create a custom plan to meet the needs of your practice. We can provide solutions to your frustrating issues as well as to problems you did not know you had.

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