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May 07, 2024

Doctor Genius Attends 2024 CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry

May 07, 2024

Doctor Genius is excited to attend the highly anticipated California Dental Association (CDA) Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry from May 16th to 18th. Often regarded as the dental convention you do not want to miss, this three-day networking event has dental professionals and industry experts flocking to the Anaheim Convention Center. Our DG representatives will be posted at booth No. 1651 to showcase our innovative dental marketing services.

About CDA Presents 2024

CDA Presents hosts this dental convention every year, giving dental professionals access to upwards of 200 continuing medical education (C.E.) courses and hands-on workshops. The focus is on helping these professionals improve patient care and business growth by learning from industry leaders and connecting with exhibitors like Doctor Genius.

What To Expect at the Annual Tradeshow

Over 130 speakers will present, and over 450 exhibitors will be in attendance at this year’s CDA Presents. With so much ground to cover, the convention highlights different topics each year. However, the emphasis remains on how to build a “successful dental career.” For 2024, featured speakers will be presenting on different aspects of:

  • Oral pathology
  • Dental hygiene
  • Restorative dentistry 
  • Mental health
  • Insurance 

Attendees can explore panels specific to their branch of dentistry or practice management interest. This includes browsing exhibitor booths offering services from dental office technology to business financing, consulting, and SEO, like DG. Attendees also have the exciting opportunity to network with their peers and build professional relationships with industry leaders. To learn more about CDA Presents or to register for the 2024 convention, please visit:

Hear More About What’s New at DG Booth 1651

Doctor Genius representatives Dartangan Johnson, Eddie Leon, and Francesco “Chess” Palladino will provide free demonstrations of our state-of-the-art DG Framework, content marketing packages, and a la carte services. Each DG product strives to increase patient acquisition and retention. Attendees will also have access to exclusive offers and deals that are only available at CDA Presents. Just some of DG’s dental marketing services to ask about include the following:

Caller IQ

Caller IQ uses artificial intelligence to analyze every call that comes into the client’s practice, suggesting ways in which the front-end staff can improve. These suggestions are based on specific data points and strive to enhance patient communication. This all-in-one solution has three key features: 

  • Intelligent Call Tracking. Records and categorizes each call that comes in and goes out from the front desk.
  • Conversation Analytics. Uses performance indicators to analyze the performance of each call to create actionable visual metrics.
  • Opportunity Assistant. An AI assistant that provides data-based suggestions on how to improve calls to have more booked appointments, patient satisfaction, and services sold.

At booth 1651, we encourage you to ask a DG rep about the specifics of Caller IQ. They can go into greater detail about what Caller IQ would look like for your dental practice.

Patient Experience Platform

DG’s Patient Experience (Px) Platform aims to streamline the digital side of a dental practice. Automating patient communication is at the heart of this platform. The PX Scheduler makes it easier for patients to schedule appointments integrated with the provider’s PMS calendar, while the Patient Engagement feature reminds patients to keep those appointments. This saves practices time and money by reducing no-shows. Finally, the Px Platform also gathers patient feedback, empowering providers to be proactive in making changes valued by their patients.

Content Ignition Packages

Also known as CIPs, Content Ignition Packages are a series of keyword-focused templated blog posts authored by our team of professional content writers and prepared for rapid deployment. This way, the client can rest assured that their site remains active in Google’s eyes and helpful to patients. Each CIP blog is thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy and relevance. 

Doctor Genius offers CIPs designed specifically for various dental specialties and services, such as cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are interested in targeting keywords like composite fillings, dental implants, or something similar, ask our DG reps for more information.

Get a Free Demo and Exclusive Offers at CDA Presents

Doctor Genius hopes to see you at this year’s CDA Presents. We are excited to discuss how our services can streamline your practice, whether it is through tested SEO strategies or AI-powered analytics. Visit our team May 16-18th at booth No. 1651 for a free demonstration. Or, to speak with a member of our team, contact us online.

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