Bring in Patients Before the School Bell Rings

September 05, 2017

Once school starts back up, parents face the struggle of balancing school, work, extracurricular activities and medical appointments on a daily basis. In many cases, parents will have to push back dental checkups for their children or even cancel with no new appointment in sight. Another issue is reaching a greater base of potential patients through the proper channels. Fortunately, Doctor Genius offers the services to help with reaching potential patients.

Consistent Content Rate

Keeping a consistent rate of high-quality content on a website will help to keep the website active. Thus, Google will see that the website has new content on a regular basis and place it higher on a list of search results. When someone searches for “dentists near me,” Google will place active websites first over websites that do not have new content on a regular basis.

Social Media Management

Along with consistently uploading new content to a website, clients also need to continue posting on social media platforms. Regular posts will help to appear on follower’s feeds, which in turn will allow other friends of those followers to see the posts. The posts can also lead back to the website and increase more new patients.
We can provide you with quality content and professional support to keep your website running effectively and smoothly.

Call Tracking System

A call tracking system allows for professionals to monitor how many calls they receive from new patients or current patients. At Doctor Genius, we use this system to measure how many new patients a client has each month and determine the best method for bringing in more new patients.

Mobile First Website

A mobile first website will respond to whatever device an individual is using and reorganize the site to match that screen. This way, if the individual is viewing the website on a smartphone, then it will appear to fit that screen correctly. This is crucial as smartphones are a common and essential technology of today.

Service Pages with Keywords

We also provide clients with service pages that pertain to their area of medicine and services they offer. We create the custom content for these pages and ensure there is a proper amount of keywords to help the page rank higher in Google search results. During the process of creating a website for you, our Support Team will go over keywords that rank and pertain to your services.

Doctor Genius

At Doctor Genius, we work with clients to expand their private practice by helping them reach, engage and convert consumers into new patients. By offering high-end web marketing services to medical and health professionals throughout the United States, we help clients gain more profit and build trustworthy relationships with patients to initiate sustainable practice growth.

We construct a website for your practice, establish an active online presence, build and constantly update social media profiles, help you build stronger connections with patients, streamline the appointment scheduling process, funnel traffic from search engines directly to your practice website and much more. To begin the process of increasing the success and presence of your practice, give us a call at