Nick Adams

October 10, 2017

Brick by Brick Part III: Ensure Effective, Efficient and Educational Content for Your Website

October 10, 2017

One of the most important aspects for any website is, of course, the content. Medical professionals need accurate and engaging information that reaches out to potential patients and captivates them. However, there are several other purposes for online content outside of being a source of information that portrays a message.

Including keywords

Keywords are a particular word or phrase that help a website rank on search engine results. When someone is in need of a specific medical service, he or she will type in a specific phrase or set of words. We can measure which sets of phrases are more common than others and use them within the content of your website. While keywords can help a website rank, they are not enough.

Keeping a website active

HubSpot states that about 53 percent of marketers say that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority in 2017. By creating, customizing and posting blogs on a monthly basis, we help to keep your website active and appearing on Google’s radar. This helps Google to see that the lights are still on at home and place your website on the search results. By including these steps and other tools, we can help increase the rank of a website.

Targeting specific audiences

We can create content that targets specific demographics and age groups of potential patients. After all, HubSpot found that in 2016, about 43 percent of people admitted to only skimming blog posts. It is no surprise that people are not always going to just stumble onto a blog post from a medical professional’s website. Thus, Doctor Genius will create custom content that targets specific audiences to bring in more website views.

With titles and phrases that advertise a specific service, we can help identify the most popular demographic to reach. However, there are other ways to help a blog or website appear in search results.

Effective Online Content

In 2015, eMarketer found that 8 out of 10 marketers worldwide use location targeting in mobile advertising.


The Verge, states that in May of 2017, Google has more than 2 billion monthly active devices on Android. Monthly, Google has over 1 billion people using Chrome, Maps and Search. By creating mobile first websites, we can help our clients reach patients over multiple digital platforms. More importantly, we can target people by area. Geo targeting allows us to customize and build content for people in a specific area. With geo targeting, we help our clients reach areas surrounding the zip code they practice in, as opposed to only reaching residents directly nearby.

By using Doctor Genius, you can feel assured in knowing that we are attempting to reach potential patients through multiple electronic devices in surrounding areas for a better chance at a higher ranking and more patients. To read part one in the “Brick By Brick” series, click here.

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