Nick Adams

October 03, 2017

Brick by Brick Part II: Necessary Tools for Conversion Setup for Social Media

October 03, 2017

In a study of over 1,500 adults, the PEW Internet Research Center found that in 2016, around 79 percent of people used Facebook, 32 percent used Instagram, and 24 percent used Twitter on a regular basis. Those numbers only continue to rise as social media becomes a dominating presence in the digital landscape. Companies and private practices alike are all using social media to reach social media users and convert them into patients/customers. Known as conversion, Doctor Genius has the right tools to help accomplish this.

Engaging social media users

While people believe that using a social media account is fairly easy, effectively using one to convert users into patients is exceedingly difficult. Hubspot finds that in 2017, approximately 74 percent of people use Facebook for professional purposes. Statista states that Facebook had 1.13 billion daily active users in 2016. Social media is a thriving platform for medical professionals to reach potential patients. defines conversion rate as “a positive action that is taken on a website by a visitor from social media,” adding that “The action demonstrates that the visitor is “converting” into a customer.” Even with a website, ranking high on search result is not an easy task. With how busy many medical professionals can get, maintaining a social media account can become exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, Doctor Genius can work to provide regular posts to engage followers on different social media accounts.

Engaging users on a regular basis is necessary for a social media account to reach potential patients and hold relevance on users’ feeds. In other words, if a social media page does not continue to make new posts and share content on a regular basis, people are less likely to even notice it in their feed. However, posting on a regular basis is only the first step.

Converting social media users into patients

Necessary Tools for Conversion

Social Media Examiner found that in 2015, around 90 percent of all marketers using social media, generated more exposure for their business.

Posting content on social media is important but it is even more crucial to post content that brings users to a professional’s website. Thus, Doctor Genius provides the service to continue posting carefully-crafted posts on a regular basis for the client’s social media accounts. We will create and post content that connects back to the client’s website, making contact with the patient that much easier.

Our goal is to help your practice reach potential patients online who need your services. When people type in a Google search for a specific type of medical service, there are thousands of results and methods for organizing those results. We can help our clients rank higher on Google while also using social media to boost your online presence.

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