Why Keeping Old Blogs Matters

July 21, 2020

A company website fulfills many roles. Above all else, it informs potential customers and clients of the products and services you offer. An integral part of a business page is the blog. These posts should contain relevant content and utilize terms to increase SEO optimization and E-A-T rankings among search engines that direct traffic to the site. Older blog posts may seem to do nothing but take up space; however, even outdated, keeping them may prove beneficial. Learn why your old content is still essential and what you can do to keep it relevant.

What purpose do old blog posts serve?

According to Forbes, company blogs are a way to reach a broader audience by posting information and articles relevant to the business. The more traffic posts get, the higher the site is ranked in search engine analytics, which boosts it in results. When people visit a business site, they like to see an established platform and history. A blog with a higher number of relevant and appropriate posts also lends credence to the business’s credibility. Thus, deleting older posts may not only detract from that but also inadvertently remove articles that continue to perform well.

How can you make old content relevant?

If a search of your blog brings up poor writing or posts that no longer apply, then you may consider deleting them. However, instead of doing that, and risking a decrease in traffic or credibility, there are things you can do to make them relevant again.

Use links

You already know that consistently creating new content helps site visitors to see that you are engaging and relevant. Make older posts productive again by linking them in your newer posts. If a former piece has stood the test of time and is accurate, relevant, and well-written, repost it. There is nothing wrong with recycling material to continue benefiting your business. You may also want to drop blog links in other content on your site. Doing so may garner more views for older posts.

Update content

Your older blogs may have some outdated information. There is nothing wrong with correcting things that are now irrelevant or incorrect. Fix company contact information if that has changed, but do it without deleting the old. If former customers search your previous address or phone number, you still want the traffic directed to your page. Also, leave relevant SEO terms in place as much as possible.

Promote your business wisely

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