Relaunch Program Part 1: Complete Health Practice With Gary Kadi and Doctor Genius

July 22, 2020

Doctor Genius Partners With NextLevel Practice To Offer A Complete Health Practice Approach To Dental Care

Even amidst the changes COVID-19 has caused to the way dental and health care works, patients are still seeking treatment. Due to the new situation for many patients in your community, it is crucial to learn how to tap into that market and offer the healthy lifestyle your services can provide. Doctor Genius has partnered with Gary Kadi, CEO of NextLevel Practice, to help clients like yourself face uncertainty while reopening your practice with a focus to adjust for success.

Who is Gary Kadi?

CEO of NextLevel Practice, Gary Kadi is also an advocate, author, and documentarian. Kadi authored Million Dollar Dentistry, a book that promotes dentists building a healthy practice for healthy patients and healthy lives. Kadi has guided NextLevel Practice to create over 1.6 billion in increased collections, 50,000 more true vacation weeks, and over 6 million healthier patients with practices. Kadi strives to help dentists educate their patients, empower their teams, and improve their finances.

What is a Complete Health Practice?

Complete Health Dentistry is a philosophy that focuses on maintaining good oral health in order to improve your overall general health. When you see your Complete Health Dentist for one of your preventive dental checkups, you’re not only taking care of your mouth but also your body. They will not only clean your teeth but also check for the early warning signs of both periodontal disease, oral cancer, and more. You’d be surprised what your mouth can tell you about the health of your entire body!

With this in mind, a practice that believes in and practices Complete Health Dentistry integrates all areas of dental medicine in order to bring harmony to the mouth and body. Complete Health Dentistry Services Include: 

  • A clean and attractive smile
  • Cavity detection and treatment
  • Gum disease therapy to stop the spread of this bacterial infection
  • Oral cancer screening

How is Complete Health Dentistry Becoming the New Normal?

As Gary Kadi explains, there are four main areas of the new normal in dentistry, including:

  • Less time for traditional dentistry methods
  • Increased expenses
  • Patient scarcity
  • A new focus on selling health on a website

What is the purpose of the Complete Health Practice Plan?

The purpose of the Complete Health Practice Plan is to provide our clients with the framework for a thriving practice in a new world. Our framework is an extension to Gary Kadi’s NextLevel Practice coaching products and programs, who work to create a “Healthy Practice” to make patients healthier. The Practice Plan’s end goal is to improve the health of the patient, team, and practice by conveying the connection between oral health and overall health. The Complete Health Practice brings to light the areas of the body and conditions most prominently related to untreated oral health.

This process involves reviewing the patient’s medical history for signs of issues such as diabetes, inflammation, or high blood pressure that can correlate to the treatment and prevention of oral health issues. The patient’s experience from the initial call to the discussion of treatment plans will be focused on their overall health through achieving a healthy mouth. 

The content and messaging of a dentist’s website are valuable because you are educating patients about the practice, what the goal of the practice is, and the reason the patient needs it. Our clients can help build a positive relationship with patients for regular checkups in the future. We will ensure that patients receive your message about Complete Health Dentistry through your website and online marketing.

Selling Health Through Educating Content

Patients are becoming better informed about dental care as our culture continues to increase its emphasis on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With educating content, dentists can help patients understand the importance of proper dental care and how to receive it.

How can educating content help increase the flow of patients?

Our premium plans feature additional services that allow for customized content such as website copy, dental service pages, blogs, etc. We can develop content that sends the right message for what your practice is all about, combining SEO value to help increase your rankings. 

Click here to learn more about educating content and how it can help you.

How can you help my website rank?

While helping a website to remain active, Doctor Genius continues to monitor and stay up to date on Google’s algorithm updates. When Google changes the way their search algorithm operates, there is a chance that a website’s position on a search results list will fluctuate. Even though this can work in favor of certain fields (medical, entertainment, news, etc.), other websites can face lower ranking. Many feel the effects of a core update may seemingly be unpredictable. However, our team tracks industry experts and corporate publications to follow the breadcrumbs that reveal where Google will likely shift focus on what content ranking is more important. 

Reach Out to Us and Re-Invent Your Practice for Success

If you are interested in learning more about the Complete Health Practice and how Gary Kadi can help you formulate a plan of action visit, Together, we can help you begin the process of building a practice primed for the future.

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