Using Data in Online Medical Marketing

March 25, 2021

The most effective marketing strategies in today’s world are not the product of chance. Marketing professionals do not just write a catchy jingle and hope people respond to it. Rather than sit around and guess at what will appeal to the target audience, the team at Doctor Genius uses hard data. Here are a few ways to use data analysis in medical marketing and how it can help grow your practice.

Understand your audience

When you understand your audience, you can tailor your marketing strategy to reach more people. Use data to combine predictive analytics with past data and dial into the intent of your prior website visitors and encourage new ones. 

Pinpoint what content visitors interact with on your website

If your website viewers are not making appointments or at least browsing multiple pages, odds are good the content on your website needs to be more appealing. For example, if 100 people view your page on a given day but none of them call your office or make an appointment, you know you are missing out on opportunities to acquire new patients. However, if 100 people view your page and 80 of them click on a particular service you offer and 50 of those make an appointment, you have a much better idea of what potential patients are looking for when visiting your website. Using data like this allows you to optimize your website to more effectively appeal to your target audience. 

Target the correct keywords

How do visitors find your website? Do they stumble upon it accidentally while looking for something else? If they are indeed looking for your practice or searching for a service or treatment you offer, what search terms did they enter to find your website? There are ways to identify which keywords are most effective at appealing to your target audience and driving traffic to your website. You can then apply this data when designing a marketing campaign. Using these words in social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and ad targeting can keep consistency throughout your campaign and help ensure it is successful. 

Understand the outcomes of past campaigns

According to Forbes, it is not uncommon to run the same ad on both Google and Facebook, and get completely different results on each platform. It is also possible to use the same message but different keywords and get results that vary dramatically. The more data you have on previous successful campaigns, the more you can analyze and narrow down the factors contributing to their success and incorporate those into future campaigns. It is possible to reduce the amount of guesswork involved in online healthcare marketing using concrete data. 

Get the most out of your online marketing campaign 

At Doctor Genius, we help you make decisions about your marketing strategy, website structure, content, and keywords based on solid data. When putting together a campaign, we not only get to know you, your practice, and your goals, but also critical facts about your target audience. Combining data about you with data about your target patients allows us to create a campaign that is unique to you and will appeal to the right people. Contact a trained team member today to learn more about how our marketing strategies can help your business grow. 

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