4 Methods for Improving a Site’s Organic Ranking

March 22, 2021

When a search is made in Google, the results that pop up at the top of the page are the most likely to get clicked on. Oftentimes, a single search creates millions of results, but a user is probably not going to look past the first page (or even past the first half of the first page). Whether or not your website appears in the top five slots of that page depends on its organic ranking. Your website’s chances of being found in a Google search go up with a better ranking, but how do you boost its performance?

Raising your doctor online ranking

There are many ways to increase a website’s ranking through refined online practice management techniques. First, check your website’s current organic ranking on Google and other search engines. This can give you a starting point, and keeping track of this information can tell you which of these four methods generate the greatest improvement in ranking.  

1. Identify relevant keywords

Keywords are a huge part of healthcare digital marketing today. These are a specific word or short phrase that a user types into a search engine. If Google sees that the same or similar keywords appear in your content, your website is more likely to rank higher in the search results. To find the right keywords for your content, try typing in some that are relevant to your field to see what content they already bring up. Use tools such as Google Trends to identify options.

2. Make your website easier to read

Formatting and readability can make a huge difference in how much time a user spends on a site. Websites that have difficult readability or that are formatted poorly are more likely to quickly lose users. The longer a person stays on your site, the better it is ranked. Check that every page is clean and neat and is not crowded with too much information. A majority of people access the internet on a phone, so your site also needs to be able to function perfectly on a mobile device as well as a desktop.

3. Generate unique and descriptive page titles

Every page on your site needs to have a concise title and a short title tag that presents a snippet of the page’s content. Try to place a keyword in the title as close to the beginning as possible. Keep the title tag under 60 characters and include the primary keyword, the company’s name, and an alternative title to the page or article, which appear as the title readers see on search engines. 

4. Create engaging content

In the end, it is the content on your website that will keep users there the longest. Content needs to be fresh, intriguing, and top quality. Blogging regularly is a great way to constantly keep users engaged and returning to your site. Generating content on a weekly or monthly basis allows you to put more keywords throughout your website and attract more people to your business.

Get help improving your ranking

Improving organic search ranking is an essential part of getting your practice off the ground. Contact us at Doctor Genius for more tips and methods on how to improve your site’s ranking.

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