Marketing Management for Healthcare Professionals

April 01, 2021

Navigating the waters of marketing for healthcare can seem confusing and overwhelming. However, with the right strategy, your practice can grow exponentially. As you develop a marketing campaign, it is important to be strategic so your time and efforts yield measurable results. Here are tips to get you started in the right direction.

Ways to improve online marketing for healthcare

Regardless of the size of your practice or how long you have been established, consider these ideas to make your marketing strategy more effective. 

Make social media marketing part of your strategy

This type of marketing can be a critical part of driving traffic to your website. You can share and update content in real time on social media platforms and use them to improve your search engine ranking. These platforms also allow specific metrics about site visitors to be tracked and analyzed. 

Design your website for an optimal patient experience

You can take a big leap in patient retention as well as drawing in new patients by having a user-friendly website. A good website should be interactive. Features such as allowing patients to schedule appointments and pay invoices online may not seem like a big deal but can make the difference between a patient choosing your practice or another one.

More and more people are using mobile devices rather than computers for online functions. Make sure your website is designed with mobile users in mind, and give your treatments and services a prominent location on the homepage. The more difficult it is for visitors to figure out what you offer, the less likely they are to choose your practice. 

Incorporate active content marketing

Content marketing is an essential piece of medical marketing for healthcare practices. A good way to attract new patients is to change up your website. However, frequently redesigning your site can be both expensive and unnecessary. Instead, try adding a well-researched, well-structured blog. Uploading a new blog weekly can allow you to incorporate different keywords to help pinpoint which ones are most effective. It also can increase your organic search, positions your practice as a leader in the community, and can improve brand awareness. 

Emphasize patient reviews and testimonials 

Getting patient reviews is one of the top ways to improve local search engine rankings. BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey shows that 87% of people read the online reviews for local businesses. If your practice is not asking for or receiving reviews, you could be losing potential patients. Because the average person is more likely to choose a practice with a higher review rating, having few or a large number of poor reviews could be detrimental to attracting new patients and growing your practice. 

Make your marketing strategy more effective

Whether your practice could benefit from a website redesign, optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile users, or learning about social media marketing, the team at Doctor Genius is here to help. We can help guide you through the often confusing world of digital medical marketing and show you just how much potential for growth your practice truly has. For more information on these and other services we offer, call us today. Let us help you make the future of your practice brighter. 

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