The Doctor Genius Practice Recovery Blueprint

May 06, 2020

With more states preparing to open up various services and lift quarantine bans in the near future throughout the U.S., Doctor Genius can help build a plan for medical practices to reopen. Whether some practices continue to provide some emergency services during the quarantine or had to close their doors, there are various factors that they will need to know before reopening fully. Thus Doctor Genius is working with NextLevel Practice CEO Gary Kadi to introduce the Practice Recovery Blueprint.

The Solution You Need in One Place

As we enter the third month in quarantine, state governments are laying out plans to allow more businesses to reopen with modest new operational guidelines. Professional medical practices of all professions are attempting to determine the next steps for reopening. In a recent webinar session in the series “Certainty in an Uncertain World,” Doctor Genius’s Vice President Phil Lopez and Gary Kadi, join others in breaking down what the Practice Recovery Blueprint includes for medical professionals and why it is so important.

During the appointment, Phil Lopez and Gary Kadi, list off questions and factors that dentists and other medical professionals need to focus on. Lopez elaborates on the partnership with NextLevel Practice to create “…an all-inclusive solution that meets the needs of your practice,” also highlighting that “Our partnership provides the resources that improve your organization’s operations and empower teams to create a one-of-a-kind experience for patients.” This partnership can help our clients determine what they will need to reopen and provide the quality services patients need.

Following the Search Results

At Doctor Genius, we are constantly monitoring the search results of our content to determine what services patients are searching for. While there was a dip in search results during the earlier weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now seeing an increase in specific search terms.

The actual change in organic traffic growth for dental practices since stay-at-home orders, or lockdowns, went into effect is represented in the graph below. Organic traffic growth is defined as the growth of visitors who found a website through search inquires alone. As can be seen from the graph below, the number of searches by users is growing each week. When we cross-compared these numbers to yearly averages for late March and all of April for other years, we found this growth in visitors to be atypical. In other words, the data is showing that patients have a growing demand to seek out dentists during the COVID-19 crisis. Numerically, there are about 7% more patients visiting dental sites each week from organic search.

Growth in Organic Traffic Since Lockdown for Dental

Common search terms we see include “dentist near me,” “emergency dentist,” “teledentistry,” and other questions such as “Can you put a tooth back in your mouth?,” “Is a tooth abscess considered a dental emergency?,” or “What do you do with a toothache on the weekends?” to name a few. People are currently in need of treatment and will be once the quarantine lifts. While at this moment, most online inquires show spikes in emergency care needs, we’re also seeing new searches. To prepare for what searches may be relevant going into June and beyond, you may read further into our article on changing habits.

Dental practices need to be prepared to provide all of the services patients need. Many of the practices we serve are reporting an increase in customer activity as patients want to put this stall in their work-lives toward staying healthy. Visit The Practice Recovery Blueprint to learn more about how to prepare and reopen with a strong foot forward.

Starting with The Right Blueprints

When it comes to providing dentistry in a post-COVID world, dentists will need to consider various factors for providing treatment. Doctor Genius and NextLevel Practice can help dentists find the solutions they need by considering several factors such as:

  • Implementing new sanitation measures for office staff, guests in the waiting room, and the dental chair
  • Frequency of scheduling appointments
  • Language and message front desk staff members use when communicating with patients over the phone
  • Anticipating specific services online that patients need

Given how quickly regulations and stay-at-home orders can change under quarantine, Doctor Genius is here to help with short term fixes for sudden issues, which can lead to long term solutions. We will customize the plan to an individual practice’s needs with relevant content, teledentistry services (to be announced), and specific return-to-work plans. Follow us here to see weekly updates in the changing regulations of dental practices and for articles on practice management.

We Are Here to Help

If you are unsure of how to help your dental or medical practice back on track and prepare to reopen, reach out to us. We have a plethora of complementary resources and webinars to help you. You can register for our weekly webinar, Certainty in an Uncertain World, to learn more.

Reach out to us and take the first steps toward creating the plan your practice needs. Doctor Genius is here to help. Let’s discuss your return-to-work plans and how we can support your message to your patients through your website. Contact us today at or 1-877-477-2311.

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