Support Local Businesses: When and How?

May 27, 2020

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down temporarily, and the lockdown has made many local businesses suffer, essential services can still help customers. When it comes to dental practices, patients still need dental treatment, urgent services, and information on what constitutes a dental emergency. It is the same way with all forms of medical care.

People are wondering how and when to reach out to medical professionals or businesses for how and when they can seek services. While the government is taking the time to iron out the details of re-opening the economy, medical practices can benefit from understanding what is going to happen and what the plan is for small businesses.

When and how to support local businesses

Local businesses play essential roles in the nation’s economy. Communities grow and experience more innovations due to local establishments by creating jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities and support the community. They care about the community making the town stand out among others.

Such businesses are dealing with financial strain currently and face uncertainty about the future. The following are ways to support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis:

Order from local stores

For those who can afford to, it would certainly help if they tried their local stores or restaurants first when they need to buy something. Many restaurants now offer pickups and deliveries. Other places like the local toy store, spas, hair salon, hardware store, and childcare provider may not be selling from their physical stores, but they could be offering delivery and curbside pickup options.

Buy gift cards or credit for future use from them. Some of these local stores may have adjusted their services to meet up demands in this period. For instance, local cleaners may now offer disinfecting services, and the toy store may have added homeschool supplies. For those who still have the financial means, it might help to keep paying workers like the hairstylist, nanny, and cleaners. They are usually hit the hardest because fewer people will be requesting their services.

Avoid refunds and continue subscriptions

Check online to see if any of the services are now available online. Service providers like tutors, personal trainers, yoga instructors, financial planners, coaches, music teachers, and lawyers — all of them can continue to render their services online via videos or online conferencing.

Continue to pay for memberships and subscriptions, even if the services have been stopped temporarily. If payment has been sent for a canceled class, one may consider donating the money to the organization instead of requesting a refund. Alternatively, one can postpone booked services to a later date instead of canceling.

Share the services online

If a local business is offering special promotions or ideas, sharing it online might help increase its reach. Since local businesses do not often have great marketing efforts, their customers can help them share the news over social media. Those who are website designers, developers, or social media experts can render their services to local businesses without an online presence to promote their deals and sales online.

Give tips

When ordering takeaway goods from local restaurants, try to be more generous than usual, if possible. The extra funds, no matter how little, can help businesses and their staff who still have to work, as well as delivery people who typically work on a contract basis and have unstable wages.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and self-isolating rules are critical for curbing the spread of the disease but devastating for local businesses. The little steps you take can help your favorite businesses stay afloat.

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