How to Master Work-Home-Life Balance

May 28, 2020

With the lockdown in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to shut down operations in physical locations and resort to having their employees work remotely. While working from home has its benefits, especially in terms of productivity, not every business can benefit from this setup. In fact, dentists and medical practices are finding themselves in unique situations.

This is where Doctor Genius can help. Our goal is to help you utilize a practice website and digital platform to maximize your reach online while also helping patients when needed and allowed. For instance, many patients are unsure of what constitutes a dental emergency. Along with that, there are constant developments with teledentistry.

With teledentistry, dentists can provide consultations to patients via video and voice chat, while they remain in their homes. However, it is essential for dentists to establish a work-home-life balance.

Work-Home-Life Balance

The key to finding a balance between work and daily routine lies in time management. The following tips help with time management and communication to make the day more productive:

Plan activities adequately

Specify the time for work. An alternative might be to stay flexible and divide time between work responsibilities and other tasks. It is advisable to inform colleagues of working hours for better coordination of work hours yet ensure effective collaboration. Identify long and short-term goals and meet set deadlines.

Our team at Doctor Genius can help to outline how dentists can adjust to this new work format, and learn how to balance the new schedules. In some cases, practices may offer emergency or immediate dental services for severe issues.

Work in a different area from the rest of the home

Designate an “office space” that is solely dedicated to working. The workspace should be clean and free of clutters to prevent distractions. Everyone in the house should know about this space, so they know not to disturb throughout work hours. If there are kids around, parents can explain to them that sitting on a particular desk on an area means work, and they should only come around for important things. Letting family members understand the need to respect work time and space will allow healthy boundaries, regardless of the size of the workspace.

Adopt office routines

Working from home can affect productivity. Therefore, one can stick to the same work structure that exists in the office setting, including meetings with colleagues over video conferencing tools. This encourages a healthy routine to ensure productivity and successful work completion. The communication tools can promote relationships with colleagues, reduce loneliness, and preserve the team spirit. It would help to document work progress and share it with the rest of the team.

Create time for breaks

Working from home can make it hard to divide time between personal matters and work. There should be time for breaks to increase productively. Such breaks can be dedicated to favorite tasks such as exercising, cooking, or reading. Planning such activities provides something to anticipate after work. Exercises and mental breaks are important for health and well-being during the COVID-19 crisis.

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The tips above emphasize the importance of maintaining a level of discipline and structure as the day passes. By forming habits that promote effective time management and communication skills, you will be able to create a balance between your work and personal life. These routines might be hard to follow at first, but with persistence, you can make the remote work enjoyable while the COVID-19 pandemic lasts.

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