Doctor Genius University Presents: Cash Flow Matters with Bob Affleck

May 27, 2020

Refinance, Rebuild, and Restore: Doctor Genius Works With Bob Affleck To Show That Refinance Is Only The First Step.

Doctor Genius has partnered with Bob Affleck, our resident Practice Financial Expert, to bring practices across the US a strategic plan and loan to refinance. He has been working alongside our team to aid practices through this unprecedented time. With the legislators across the US lifting restrictions put in place during the pandemic, medical practices having a clear roadmap on how to proceed with reopening is paramount. Along with having the appropriate PPE, scheduling appointments with limited hours of operation, communicating with patients, and more, practices need to have a plan to rebuild their office for the present and in the future. That’s why we’re excited to have world-class talent like Bob Affleck ready to help practices create a plan to rebuild and restore. 

What is Cash Flow Matters with Bob Affleck?

Our Cash Flow Matters webinar series strives to help dental and medical practice owners attain the practice growth and success they desire. When it comes to enhancing your practice, finances are a crucial aspect of your success. I>t’s also important to know what’s changed in financing since quarantine went into effect, which is why speaking to an industry expert can prepare you to seek improved cash flow.

Who is Bob Affleck?

Bob Affleck is a financial expert who has dedicated the past 30 years to helping thousands of dentists realize their dream of practice ownership and achieve the practice growth they desire. Cash Flow Matters is “Not just about running a practice but being able to grow the practice, as well.” With Bob Affleck, he explains that this is about helping practices “Make the comeback stronger than the setback.”

With experience as a practice finance specialist, a practice management consultant, and a practice broker, Affleck now works as an advisor and educator for dentists. With experience from the dental industry at all angles, Affleck has the expertise to help guide clients from the beginning of their career and onward.

What Can the Cash Flow Matters Webinar do For Me?

By working with Affleck, this webinar demonstrates to clients how refinancing is a crucial step, but it is only the first step. While most dental practices have been in survival mode for the last few months, it is essential to begin thinking past tomorrow. 

Following the refinancing, it is crucial to have a plan. Through this webinar, we can help clients take their practice from survive to thrive. That begins with a sound online presence fueled by relevant, high-quality content. The Cash Flow Matters Webinar will help you:

  • Understand your current practice finances
  • Refinance
  • Rebuild
  • Restore

In the Doctor Genius Practice Recovery Blueprint, we go into detail on how Next Level Practice and Doctor Genius are partnered up to provide an opportunity for practice owners to bounce back.  This can help clients focus on reopening their practice. Now, we are delving more deeply into the aspects involving refinancing.

Understanding Your Current Practice Finances

To help your practice grow and achieve the success you desire, it is essential to gain an understanding of your current finances. This includes reviewing all current practice loans, equipment loans, credit card debt, or other outstanding debt. We will also need to review the practice’s ongoing costs for PPE, staff, and monthly expenses. From here, we can better evaluate what your practice needs.

When it comes to understanding your current practice finances, we will focus on several areas, including:

  • Free up cash flows
  • Rebuild cash reserves
  • Invest in Health and Safety Equipment
  • Invest in Marketing to Promote Safe Practice
  • Drive Profitability

Doctor Genius works with Bob Affleck to help practices strengthen and build upon the resources they need while also promoting their message to their healthcare communities and their patients. By evaluating your current finances, together, we can help customize a loan plan for how to begin the process of building a more stable financial foundation for a  successful practice in the future.


After understanding a client’s current finances, we can focus on refinancing. This process involves consolidating practice debt, freeing up cash flow, debt cash out, and other services we offer in our Recovery Blueprint plan.

What will consolidating practice debt do for me?

By organizing all unsecured debts into one monthly payment, we can help to establish the most effective payment system for it.  By using a loan to consolidate debt, you will be able to make one payment covering multiple debts instead of spending more time and resources keeping track of multiple payments. Affleck can help clients learn what they need in order to succeed.

In what other ways will this benefit the future of my practice?

In our most recent webinar, Affleck states that his goal is to educate clients “on what it takes to grow the practice,” and that, to do this, the “Most important part is about understanding the business side of the practice.” We are here to help you do that and begin the process of rebuilding a firm financial foundation beneath your practice.


Part of rebuilding a practice includes implementing a new message and marketing platform. This message can incorporate your beliefs and overall goal for your practice while targeting keywords that promote your services. Doctor Genius can combine your message with SEO-focused content to help boost the chance of people finding your website in internet searches. This can also include content that goes over new health and safety measures in a post-COVID-19 world.

Content has been vital for keeping our clients engaged with their community during the pandemic. After completing a full performance audit on all Doctor Genius clients, our team found that they’ve been experiencing more visibility to their sites. We also found that people were enjoying and reading the content on our client’s websites to help them make informed decisions about their health. More people are reading blogs, spending more time on practice websites, and learning more about the services they need to make an informed decision. To continuously see positive results, it’s essential to understand the importance of social media, videos, and how to create effective blogs

How do You market necessary dental care to patients in these trying times?

A relevant concern patients have at this time is their safety when receiving dental care. We can help to promote any messages of having the proper equipment and taking all necessary measures to ensure the health of each patient. Your patients likely desire dental treatment even at this time; they just need the right message for them to feel comfortable returning.

Can you customize the website to my specific services?

Yes. Along with customizing the content to specific services, we can help to fine-tune your systems to promote profitability. Affleck is here to help clients maximize the potential of profit for their practice. By working with us to rebuild your practice, we can help place your practice on the path toward success.


When it comes to helping restore a practice, the Cash Flow Matters Webinar focuses on strengthening practice efficiencies and experiences. Similar to sending out a personalized message for potential patients, your website can also send a reassuring message to staff members. The goal of restoring a practice is more than merely boosting revenue. This process can also help clients discover new patient opportunities and methods of delivering quality care to patients.

If you are looking to restore your practice and begin working with a system that promotes more success in the future, then we can help. Reach out to Doctor Genius or register with the webinar Certainty in an Uncertain World, to learn more. If you need direct help promoting your website, reach out to our support team

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