How to Leverage Technology to Keep Your Community Informed

May 26, 2020

Businesses all over the country are adjusting their routines in reaction to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic. During this is time, communities want all the information they can get to stay abreast of the situation. Doctor Genius is here to help dentists, and medical professionals stay ahead of the pandemic with a variety of services to boost their online presence.

We can help you take the necessary steps to continue promoting your practice during this time. We will guide you through using technology and methods of communication to stay in contact with your patients.

Maintaining a Line of Communication

The following are five tips for dental practices who want to use technology for conventional communication and maintain a connection with their communities:

Livestream with Facebook

Dentists and medical practices can use software to release the latest news about their operations, which will not only help address several concerns at a time but also connect the community during the lockdown. In many cases, a live stream video can make it easier for patinets to hear about available services, operating hours, updates on re-opening policies, and current health precautions your team is taking.

Video conferencing services like Zoom, Facebook Livestream, and Google Hangouts are quick ways to engage the community while also providing video recordings for those who did not join the live session. If you are unsure how to utilize these services or want to learn how we can help, reach out to our team.

Post press releases on social media

The media is shifting from traditional news release platforms to one where news channels are looking online for details instead of reading reports. By posting press releases with information for patients, you can further the chance of potential patients seeing that your practice. This is also an opportunity to post about if you are providing emergency services or opening for specific types of treatment. During this time, reaching as many patients as possible is crucial.

Use eNewsletters to provide best practices and tips about staying at home

An effective way to share information is to leverage technologies used regularly by the entire community. Producing and sharing newsletters using web platforms allows people to stay informed easily, feel a connection with the community, and stay updated with the latest information about what is going on during the COVID-19 crisis.

This is also a way to help patients know when they may need to seek treatment for certain dental issues or emergencies. Now more than ever, patients are in need of that advice since most offices are closed or under limited operating hours.

Use social media to provide daily updates to the community

Everyone uses social media nowadays, a fact that can be optimized. There are different forms for proactive communication, and providing vital information on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is a seamless way to reassure people. At this time, people are looking for guides and want to stay informed on the latest updates from reliable sources. Even a picture or brief summary can deliver a strong message.

Call Us Today

As the world deals with the changes in society due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dental practices and leaders must find ways to keep their employees and community informed, while easing their concerns. Doctor Genius can help you obtain the tools you need to help patients stay informed during this pandemic. Reach out to us to learn more today.

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