Sources of Positive PR for Small Practices

December 21, 2020

Engaging in public relations is an excellent way for local organizations to grow and promote their small practice. This strategic communications process helps businesses build a positive public image and develop beneficial relationships with the public. Public relations is not just for large businesses but is beneficial for smaller, local practices as well. It is possible to build your practice’s image without an expensive public relations agency. Here are some public relations activities that you can implement.

Earning Attention and Trust

Specialized knowledge or experience can give a practice a leg up on the competition. Share timely and relevant stories across channels to earn people’s trust and attention. An example of this is developing a list of professional tips to help prospective patients or other medical professionals in the community and publishing it in a local paper, magazine, or popular online source

Knowing the Community

In small communities, events like sporting games, fairs or festivals, and fundraisers are excellent ways to get one’s name out in public. Practices can sponsor a sports team or concert, operate a booth at an event, or volunteer with a nonprofit charity. These activities will help with name recognition and also boost reputation. 

Putting Together a Media Kit

A media kit is a collection of information about a business for the press. This kit provides reporters and editors with the information they need to write about the business. Media kits should be up to date and available at all times, as it is possible to make a connection with someone willing to promote one’s practice at any time.

Building Relationships

Relationships are essential to public relations, whether with reporters, media outlets, or social media influencers. Identify those who have influence and build those relationships. People and outlets like this have already earned their followers’ trust, so the people and products they recommend are likely to be taken seriously. 

Being Patient

Small practices can be impatient when it comes to producing results from public relations activities. It is important to remain patient as it can take three to six months to reap the benefits. Reputation development is a long-term investment that will build recognition and create trust over time.

Building a Positive Reputation

Small practices have very different marketing and public relations needs than large ones. Doctor Genius has innovative and effective marketing solutions to serve your practice needs. Call us to speak with a member of our trained staff and learn how our marketing plans can boost your online reputation.

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