What Is Organic Marketing Growth?

December 17, 2020

Organic marketing is one of the most effective growth marketing strategies for small practices. This tactic is particularly helpful for smaller practices because it is less expensive. This kind of marketing takes place naturally over time and can help draw in new patients.

Generating Website Growth Organically

According to Salesforce, organic marketing is an excellent way to increase website traffic and landing page viewership. Instead of paying for ads or sponsored posts, traffic is generated naturally over time through organic marketing. Check out these examples of organic marketing and how it is beneficial.

Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way to reach a large audience online, whether it is one’s content or someone else’s. Linking back to blogs on social media is a great way to increase organic traffic to a practice’s website. Being featured in a blog post can also help gain recognition among members of the local community. Reaching out to writers and asking them to include a website link in a blog can also encourage web traffic. Each time a practice is mentioned in a blog or on another web page, it can help improve its search engine ranking.

Social Media Posts

Social media is another aspect of organic marketing. When patients post about a practice or share its content on social media, it is an opportunity for their followers to not only read the post but repost it themselves. The number of people reading about the practice can thus grow exponentially. One can also use social media marketing to boost organic reach by sharing their website’s content on social media. With the wide variety of social media platforms available, organic marketing is significant and takes place constantly.

Case Studies

Another organic marketing activity is creating case studies. These case studies can be about different topics like interesting cases to specialty treatments. This information provides helpful information for other patients dealing with similar concerns and can attract patients who were unaware of those treatments. Having a case study published can be a great way to promote services and gain credibility.

Email Blasts

Emails sent to existing or prospective patients are also organic marketing. These emails can be about a new service offering or a more advanced treatment method. Updating previous patients with these emails can be an effective way to help them remember one’s practice and possibly spread the information organically to the people around them.

Feel Confident About Your Marketing Strategy

Organic marketing is one possible element of an effective marketing strategy. At Doctor Genius, we have innovative marketing solutions to help your practice reach more clients. If you are interested in learning more about how our marketing plans can help your practice, please reach out to our team here.

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