Silver Lining During This Time: Time With Family and Time to Take Time Off

April 27, 2020

Most employers and employees feel stressed about COVID-19. This goes beyond the fear of getting sick. Schools and businesses have temporarily shut their doors, and shelter-in-place orders are in effect in most states. Life seemed to change overnight, and it is hard to process. There is a silver lining in this, though. You can take the time to spend with your family.

Benefits of family time during COVID-19

American families spend an average of 37 minutes of quality time with each other a day, according to a study by Visit Anaheim. Long hours at work, school schedules, and catching up on chores are the main reasons that families cannot spend more time together. Now, however, families are spending hours together each day, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of togetherness. Lear the biggest benefits of spending time together during the COVID-19 crisis.

Boost academic performance

Children who spend ample quality time with parents tend to perform better in school. During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have become teachers. Parents work alongside their children, helping them complete schoolwork. Many mothers and fathers also use this time to play educational games and impart wisdom to the kids.

When children go back to school after the pandemic, many will be in a better place academically.

Improve communication skills

When parents spend most of the time at work or doing chores, it is impossible to model ideal behavior to the kids. Now, with parents at home, they can help children learn communication skills. Acting as models, parents show children the proper way to communicate and behave. Many parents are using the coronavirus pandemic to help children grow into well-adjusted adults.

Create positive memories

Positive memories have a lasting impact on people’s well-being. People reach for positive memories during stressful times. These memories remind them that navigating obstacles is possible. Researchers have discovered that children who form positive memories with parents are more tolerant and have better cognitive skills. This also helps with mental health and well-being. As a bonus, those memories are there long after the parents are gone.

Build stronger mentoring skills

Adults who spend quality time with family members build stronger mentoring skills. These adults fine-tune these skills while promoting good behavior during family time, and the skills carry over into the workplace. Business owners and employees benefit from developing mentoring skills. After developing the skills, employees and employers can perform better at work. These skills also help people improve the performance of others as well.

Getting the most out of family time

The COVID-19 crisis is an uncertain time but use it as a way to bond with your family. Talk frankly about the pandemic with kids and spouse, but do not dwell on the negative. Remember that this is a great time to bond with the people you love the most. Embrace this newfound family time while it is here. Before long, life will return to normal, and you will look back at this time and appreciate the memories you created.

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