SEO Basics: Overview of the Three Main Types

May 16, 2022

While there are different types of search engine optimization, all have the same goal of optimizing your website to improve the ranking and visibility of your website. A well-rounded SEO strategy involves three main categories to keep it organized.

3 types of SEO to focus on
To avoid over-complicating your SEO marketing strategy, focus your energy on being brilliant at the three main types.

1. Technical SEO
This piece of the SEO puzzle includes the non-content components of your site. You can have compelling content, but if the foundation and backend structure are not functioning smoothly, visitors will not take the time to wait for your site to load or to sift difficult-to-navigate pages. Site speed, security, site architecture, and mobile-friendliness all fall into this category. The more readable your site is, the better the user experience and the easier it is for search engines to crawl it. This can lead to more visitors and a better engagement rate.

2. On-page SEO
This is the content of your webpage. The two pieces to spend time on in this category are keywords and quality content. When both search engines and readers can easily understand the topics and content of your webpage, it can improve its ranking. Follow these tips to boost the effectiveness of your on-page SEO:

Use content with a high level of expertise
Optimize your headlines
Include HTML tags
Make sure your content is trustworthy
Use an authoritative tone
When you create content with both users and search engines in mind, it helps both find your site more easily. The images on your site also fall into this category. The critical thing to keep in mind when adding images is how they can impact your site’s load time. Make sure to optimize your images and keep them relevant to the content of the page.

3. Off-page SEO
To improve the way your website interacts with other sites and increase your influence, focus on off-page SEO. While the majority of this type of SEO involves backlinks, the quality of these links generally matters more than the quantity. According to SearchEngine Journal, having other relevant sites that are high-quality and authoritative post links to your website not only provides more opportunities for readers to find your site but also communicates to search engines that your site is reputable and valuable. Backlink sharing with the right websites can build trust with visitors and help improve your ranking. As you start boosting your off-page SEO strategy, it is a good idea to do a search for other pages that have links to your site to make sure they are the right type of sites.

Excel at SEO
Developing a successful organic search strategy can be complicated and time-consuming, yet is necessary for the health and growth of your practice. The team at Doctor Genius is here to provide the results you need and free you up to focus on other areas of your business. Reach out to us today to learn more about our digital advertising and content marketing solutions. Let us help you excel at SEO and watch your practice grow.

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