Meta Tag Musts for Medical Practices

May 12, 2022

When you think about the medical SEO strategy for your practice, meta tags are a critical component to keep in mind. Search engines use the snippets of data in meta tags to determine where the site should be placed in search results. Even small adjustments to the meta-tagging can alter the way web browsers display your page to visitors. While there are several pieces to a meta tag, some impact SEO for doctors more than others.

Meta tag items your practice should be most concerned about
Focusing on these pieces of a meta tag can make a big difference for SEO ranking in healthcare.

Meta viewport
The area of your webpage visible to visitors is determined by the meta viewport. It is why a page looks different on a mobile device than on a desktop. Because there is such a variety of screen sizes, the absence of a meta viewport can cause the desktop version of your page to load on a mobile device. In the wrong format, your page may be difficult to read and cause visitors to leave. If enough people jump off your site, search engines receive signals your site is undesirable and can rank it lower. Conversely, adding a meta viewport lets search engines know your site is mobile-friendly, which can entice them to rank your site higher.

Meta description
The short summary of a page that is displayed under the page’s title in the search results is known as the meta description. The purpose of this summary is to both inform the readers about the content of the site as well as entice them to visit the page. Although the meta description does not directly impact a site’s ranking, it can affect it indirectly. Adding this component of the meta tag and making it compelling can convince searchers to visit the site when they may have passed it by otherwise. Sites with more visitors get ranked higher on the results page.

Meta title
Search results are not displayed simply by domain name but also by title. The title of a page is crucial to helping searchers understand why a site may be relevant to their search. Because many people choose which site to visit based on the title, using high-quality titles is paramount. A title should be unique, concise but descriptive, and specific. Also, according to Forbes, it should include your target keyword when possible. In general, people tend to avoid pages with long, vague titles, so make yours as clear and succinct as possible.

Marketing solutions that get results
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