7 Tips for Finding Fresh Ideas for Your Healthcare Blog

May 19, 2022

In today’s market, your medical practice needs a digital marketing strategy. One of the critical components of healthcare marketing is search engine optimization. While SEO for doctors can take many forms, writing regular blog posts can help improve the online presence of your practice and expand your patient base. Because 77% of people who use the internet read blogs regularly, according to Firstsiteguide, creating a blog post can draw more attention to your web page.

7 tips to keep your healthcare blog interesting
Simply creating a blog post is not necessarily enough to incite interest in visitors. Check out these tips for posting content your target audience will find appealing.

1. Get different medical professionals to contribute posts
Repeated blog posts written by the same person can sometimes cause readers to lose interest. Readers who prefer a different blogging style may not read the blog at all. Having multiple credible contributors can provide fresh perspectives and unique communication styles to help your blog appeal to a wider audience.

2. Use patient experience stories
Rather than offering generic info about diseases and symptoms, write about how a successful procedure or treatment plan changed the life of a patient. Stories about real people tend to resonate more with readers than dry statistics.

3. Make the post actionable
In addition to providing facts, it is a good idea to suggest next steps or offer advice on the topic. For example, a post about how to protect children’s skin during the summer months can be more appealing than one that only lists the dangers of sunburn.

4. Catalogue your posts
Duplicate content is the opposite of interesting and fresh. To avoid blogging about the same topic, keep a calendar of your posts. Before posting about a topic, check back to see when, if ever, you have written about it in the past. Follow our advice to further arrange your blogging schedule for success.

5. Stay up with current trends
Like the fashion industry, the medical field has trends. Posting about popular topics in your specialty or area of medicine can attract visitors interested in current medical developments. Use the popularity of the topic to draw people’s attention to your blog.

6. Ask the audience
You may be surprised by the answers you get when you ask your audience what they would like to read about. Their responses can inspire numerous blog topics you had not yet considered. If you want to limit the scope of the responses, you can always make the question multiple choice and have the readers pick from a list you draft.

7. Look at suggested search phrases
Start typing a relevant keyword or phrase into the search bar and see which suggested phrases pop up. Not only can the results possibly provide inspiration but they can give you insight into what people commonly search for with those keywords.

Increase awareness and attract new patients
A blog can showcase your practice’s culture and values. Doctor Genius understands how important having an enticing blog can be to attracting visitors to your site and patients to your practice. Talk to a team member today to learn more about our content marketing for doctors and other solutions, and watch as your readership and your practice grow.

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