Nick Adams

June 01, 2018

Reaching Out to Families in Need

June 01, 2018

While it is easy to become absorbed in smartphones, celebrity gossip and the latest summer movie blockbuster, there are people around the world struggling to live with the bare minimum. In some parts of the world, children are forced to live in underserved communities that lack communal areas suitable for children to play. Fortunately, Cornerstone Fellowship has partnered up with Kids Around the World to promote Playground Project 2018.

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Playground Project 2018 is about more than just helping children to have fun. Through community support, Cornerstone Fellowship uses its donations to send high school and college students to various parts of the world to restore community parks and playgrounds. The fellowship explains how giving back has inspired greater change in their local community, which then transcends to other parts of the world. With one commitment in mind, Cornerstone Fellowship will, without a doubt, spread love, positivity and most importantly, bring smiles to children of Panama.

“Kelvin is just one example of the kids we’ve had the joy of connecting with over the years in Santa Catalina,” they explain on their donation page, adding “When we first met him, he was one of the kids attending VBS…now he’s young man who has worked alongside us in our last couple trips to Panama.”

Cornerstone Fellowship is serving the community through:

  • VBS Surf and Skate Ministry
  • The team sprucing up the local schools
  • Providing children with a variety of games
  • Serving those in need in various parts of the world

However, Cornerstone Fellowship also plans to build a playground that will have a positive and lasting impact on the community of Santa Catalina.

“We are partnering with Kids Around the World ( and some locals in the community to build an amazing playground so that we can seize this opportunity to not only go and love the people of Santa Catalina, but also give a generational gift that will impact their entire community.” –Cornerstone Fellowship

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It takes a community to raise a village

As a family-owned agency, Doctor Genius is passionate about investing in community outreach programs that give families the opportunity to prosper in healthy environments. As we help medical professionals increase their reach in the digital landscape, we also see a huge significance in investing in our future generations. Helping to build a community that can provide children the love, hope and guidance they need; which is exactly what we’re all about!

We hope our contribution of $5,000 will make an impact on Cornerstone Fellowship to complete their mission and provide the children of Panama a safe and enjoyable childhood experience they deserve. If you would like to support this cause with any amount, donate here. Any contribution helps.

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