Matching Commonly Searched Questions With Relevant Answers

November 02, 2020

Many businesses already know to include keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions in their SEO arsenal, but another useful tool for taking search engine optimization to the next level is including a questions and answers section. When creating a strategy for content marketing, you should always have both user experience and search engine visibility in mind. If used correctly, implementing FAQ pages and sections allows you to accomplish both goals simultaneously.

The benefits of including commonly asked questions

Adding a frequently asked questions section to your webpages and blog posts can be time-consuming, but the payoff is worth the added effort.

Search engine optimization

The primary goal of SEO is to make your practice more visible on search engines by tailoring your content to rank better on the results page. When you consider that many people enter questions into the search box when researching a topic, it makes sense that researching and including a frequently asked questions in your content can help people land on your page.

Patient loyalty

If a patient has a question that your content successfully answers, this reflects positively on your practice and helps establish a positive relationship with the visitor. Potential patients want to know that your medical staff is qualified to provide the needed services, so displaying your expertise in your field builds trust. Even if visitors initially land on your page looking for specific information, there is a higher potential for them to become interested in your office and the services you offer.

User experience

An easy-to-use, professional website impresses visitors and guides them toward making a purchase or learning more about your service, while a nonresponsive site that is difficult to navigate can have the opposite effect, causing potential clients to look for a different practice. A frequently asked question section or page offers a user-friendly layout that allows patients to quickly scan the information and focus only on what is relevant to the search.

Tips for optimizing your commonly asked questions section

To get better results from a question and answer section, you must first develop a strategy and research what topics to cover.

One of the most basic ways to find commonly asked questions is to do a Google search to find these. If you already have a list of keywords you want to include in your content, start by searching these terms.

Many times, Google has a “People Also Ask” section that includes questions people often search about the topic, along with an answer found on a specific webpage. For instance, if you search for “tooth decay” you may see questions like “How is tooth decay treated?” and “What are the stages of tooth decay?”

To potentially be featured under this section and to rank higher on the Google results page when a patient searches these specific questions, include them in your FAQ section with keyword-rich answers.

Let us help you improve your content marketing strategy

Creating your content strategy, including adding questions and answer sections where relevant, can be difficult. We can customize your website to meet your vision while also helping you create content that meets SEO standards. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

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