Importance of Discussing Searched Subjects

October 29, 2020

A major part of creating a successful content marketing strategy lies in researching and developing keywords that are right for your business. Creating a shiny new website for your company is only half the battle — the rest involves filling in content that is engaging, useful, and informative to your customers. Keywords within that content are crucial for designing search engine optimization to bring to your site customers who might not know about your business and what you do. To take advantage of the latest search trends, you need to know why certain keywords and subjects are important for your business and how to use them effectively in content.

The importance of search trends

Search trends can be broken down into several categories. One involves seasonal change, e.g., consumers may be more interested in buying products during the summer than in the winter. Another is all about keywords, which are specific words or short phrases you use in the content of your website that a search engine matches to the search words someone has typed in. The more you incorporate those keywords, the higher your content will rank in engines like Google. Learning how to use these trends to guide your latest article or blog topics can keep your content relevant and appealing.


To narrow down keywords that fit within the context of your work, you first have to figure out what consumers are searching for and what they are not. You can use the latest trends and analytics to narrow down keywords that match what your clients type into Google. Consider using a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords to diversify your SEO and attract a wide variety of clients.

Short-tail keywords

As the name suggests, short-tail keywords are made up of three or fewer words. These are often incredibly broad and more frequently searched for. There are benefits and drawbacks to using shorter keywords. Your content is more likely to rank with a shorter keyword because so many articles can fit in the general topic. This allows for more people, particularly new customers, to find your page. However, your webpage will be competing with numerous other pages with the same keyword, sometimes in the thousands, making it less likely to rank higher in the results list.

Long-tail keywords

When you want to attract customers looking for something more specific, long-tail keywords are ideal. Longer keywords and phrases narrow down the search significantly, and while a keyword over three words long may not be searched for as frequently as shorter ones, someone who types it in is probably looking for exactly what you have to offer. It also makes your site more likely to rank higher in the list of search engine results.

Tools to discover search trends

You can use any of these tools for search analytics to discover search trends and keywords:

  • Google Analytics
  • Matomo
  • Woopra
  • GoSquared
  • FoxMetrics

Once you have established a list of keywords and trends, you can confidently start using them in your content marketing strategy.

Find out more about searched subjects

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