Keyword Research

October 27, 2020

When using organic content marketing to connect with customers who may be interested in your services, performing ample keyword research is necessary to ensure you are successfully optimizing your website for search engines and targeting the right people. However, identifying which keywords or keyword phrases will deliver the desired results can be difficult without fundamental knowledge on the subject. No matter the current size or impact of your office’s website, it is essential you are ready with your toolbox of sources and methods for using the most effective keywords on every page.

Consider your specialty and customer base

Before you even jump on your computer to starting searching for keywords to include in your content, you need to first take time to brainstorm what your office has to offer and what your customers want and expect from your services.

Determine your niche

While you may assume that using broad keywords will help you draw in a larger group of people, focusing on certain specialties or your business’s niche has several benefits. For one, common, more general terms, such as “dentist” or “chiropractor,” are often more highly competed for, making it very difficult for smaller companies to rank well on search engines when up against well-established, national brands. In contrast, honing in on more specific services you offer or areas you specialize in, such as “GERD treatment” or “children dentistry” reduces the competition.

Also, focusing your keyword research on your niche allows you to better target the exact type of customers who are likely to be interested in your services. For instance, if someone has a root canal that needs to be addressed, using the term “root canal treatment” can guide this individual to your page. This not only helps generates leads but is much more likely to result in a conversion

Focus on location

As a medical professional, you likely have an office that serves a specific area. Many customer searches including a local component, so centering your keywords on the city, state, or region in which you offer your services is an easy and effective way to better target your intended audience and to potentially rank on the first page of search engines. This includes taking both broad and specific terms and including a location in the keyword phrase, such as “TMJ doctor Spokane” or “orthodontist Sacramento area.”

Use tools to find effective keywords

The second part of results-producing keyword research is using the right tools to help you find keywords that fit your niche and target audience. Since many people use Google as their primary search engine, using Google-specific resources can be helpful:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner

There are also third-party tools to explore, including SEM Rush, Keyword Tool, Moz Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, and SpyFu.

Gain even more visibility on search engines

If you are ready to take your content marketing to the next level and want to see real results from your efforts, our team at Doctor Genius has the resources to get you there. To find out more how we can help your office succeed, call us today. From educational articles to videos, we will assist you in creating SEO-friendly, engaging content every time.

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