How To Use Analytics To View Online Ranking

October 26, 2020

Generating organic results in popular search engines is making it more important than ever for companies to focus on search analytics and keyword research. Writing great, engaging content is not enough to pull in a wider audience. Your website needs to consistently top the results page on Google and other search engines to catch customers who randomly search for a product you offer — after all, most people are likely to click on just the first five results. Identifying keywords that will boost your website rank is a good start, but it is not all you can do. Understanding how to analyze data about rankings and pageviews can help you strengthen weak points across the site.

Taking full advantage of analytics

Learning how to read and assess the data from your analytics software can help you develop new content marketing strategies that improve your site’s search engine optimization. Google Analytics and other comparable software guide you to identify keywords that your target audience searches for, discover your most popular pages, and help you generate more beneficial leads. Here are steps for getting the most out of your search analytics.    

Search for organic landing pages

One of the greatest advantages of using analytic software is that you can search for organic landing pages. These are the pages of your website that people visit the most frequently simply by typing in a search word or phrase into an engine without being brought there by advertisements. Discovering your most popular landing pages are essential because it tells you what your audience enjoys and finds interesting on your site. You can then create links on your popular pages to other related content, which builds a great internal linking system that also helps your site rate better on Google overall.  

Measure the quality of visitors

The number of site visitors and length of pageviews are quantitative data that are easy to measure, but how do you measure the quality of those who see your site? You can judge quality by determining how many people end up on your website because of organic SEO. Furthermore, an organic search that results in leads (customers who give you contact information, like an email signup) is more valuable than an organic search that does not. Use this data to see how it stands up to different marketing campaigns that you implement through advertisements or social media.

Update popular pages

On any software, it is simple to see what pages are your top performers. Make it a habit to regularly check how pages are performing and where improvements can be made. If a page has significantly lost organic traffic, use active marketing tactics for it (like pay-per-click ads). Some pages may only need an update in content, while others might require a change in keywords. Look carefully at what links attract the most clicks to other content on your site. Constantly analyzing and refining your content layout and information can optimize the most popular pages so that you receive more pageviews and more business.

Identify searches that lead to your site

A fantastic element of your analytical toolbox is the ability to see what visitors searched for before clicking on your website. It is considerably easier to determine keywords to include in your content when you can view each customer’s search terms. The overall list of search words can be overwhelming, so filter it down by matching keywords to corresponding pages and focus on the pages that have a greater chance of rating higher in the results list. By placing emphasis on the right keywords and most successful pages, you can increase your online ranking.

Assess campaigns on other sites

In addition to tracking the stats on your own site, you can also track ad campaigns that you have on third-party websites. You can place email and promotional campaigns in a single list to see how they compare to one another. Use the list to clearly see the campaigns that generate the greatest traffic to your site and the content that attracts your main target audience.

Software for analyzing your ranking

Google Analytics is a popular software for a reason: It is reliable, comprehensive, and highly detailed — but that should not keep you from trying other software too. Knowing what your options are can help you decide what is right for your business. Some companies prefer to monitor SEO and organic pageviews through multiple analytic programs to understand exactly where improvements can be made. Here are alternative options if you are exploring new avenues.


This software is great for those who want to add a little extra to the regular analytics software. Companies can improve relationships with customers with GoSquared’s live chat option. You can also research customer browsing histories to investigate keywords and topics that led them to your site.


If you are changing over to Matomo from Google Analytics, you do not need to worry about losing valuable data that is stored in Google. Matomo allows you to transfer old data into it to continue current analysis. This is also a good option for businesses looking to ensure security, as you can use it on your private server (the cloud is available too).


If you want to get a better handle on customer information, like the kinds of keywords that are searched for to find your page, consider FoxMetrics. This tool stores all of your data in a single bank for quick access and new reports, making it easy to research the keywords that drive the most traffic to your site.


Woopra is all about instant response and service with a support team that is available to help with marketing and sales. The team can even respond to messages or new leads as soon as they happen in real time on your website.

Learn how to improve your online ranking

There is no doubt that all analytical tools come with a steep learning curve with information and data that might be difficult to discern right away. To get a solid start with your software, contact us to learn how to assess your data and build a stronger site.

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