Importance of FAQs on Web Pages

October 22, 2020

Building a practice website for search engine optimization is important. In a world where many consumers and clients rely on what they read on the internet, having a page that ranks highly in search returns can make or break the traffic through your practice. When a potential client takes a look at your site, you want to be sure that you have created the kind of content marketing that keeps them reading and, even better, has them calling to make an appointment. One page you may want to consider incorporating is one that answers frequently asked questions. Since there are almost always general and common questions, getting them out of the way up front may improve the user’s impression of your practice immediately.

Reasons FAQ pages may help elevate your practice

Your main objective on your practice web page is to get potential clients interested in your business. You want to entice them with colorful pictures, engaging blog content, and convincing reasons why they should choose you. The FAQ page offers another opportunity to peak reader interest, and according to, maximize SEO to elevate your practice’s web presence.

Establishes trust

Some medical issues may prove more difficult for clients to talk about than others. The FAQ section is the place where you can place sensitive and perhaps embarrassing client questions. As readers cycle through your site, give them the most uncomfortable queries relevant to your practice, and answer them in simple terms. This not only establishes you as an authority but as a practice that makes people feel at ease.

Informs clients

You should have information about your practice plastered all over your site. Including some facts and figures in the FAQ section can go a long way with potential clients. Doing it here can serve a couple of purposes. It gives information to those who want to read about it. You also can control how insight into your practice is presented and what you choose to provide.

Allows interaction

Establishing a page that does not allow readers to interact with you may turn some people away. If set up correctly, the FAQ page can allow you to field questions from readers and add them to the list you have already compiled. Answering comments or questions shows potential clients that you are attentive and care enough to address further queries. 

Captures searches

Frequently asked questions contain common SEO keywords. When a person starts looking for these terms, your FAQ page may come back in the search. When this happens, it gives your website more visibility and may even net you a new client. Ensuring that your entire site is SEO friendly can work to drive more business to your practice.

We have solutions

Our team of pros at Doctor Genius is dedicated to working diligently towards getting your practice’s website optimized for maximum traction. We have developed multiple ways to get this accomplished. Give us a call today, and we can talk about how we can help build your web presence and get you more clients.

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