Importance of Presenting Content in More Than One Form

August 25, 2020

With so many resources available online for consumers to explore, making sure your content comes up at the top of the search engine list is crucial to getting discovered. There are many ways to boost audience engagement and connect with new viewers, but not every form of content fits all business models. Understanding what type of content to create that best suits your customers can help you develop a larger audience faster.

Content formats for optimizing your digital marketing strategy  

In this day and age, there is practically no way for a business that wants to succeed to avoid using a digital marketing strategy. Too many consumers are online and engaged in social media not to take advantage of it, but failing to know where your audience lies in the massive online community can waste any strategy, no matter how good it may seem on paper. Determining the right content format for your business is the first step in reaching the right audience. Here are some popular and useful options to consider.

Blog posts

When brainstorming ideas for your next marketing promotion, blog posts have more than likely made the list. Blogs are popular for many good reasons, as they can be incredibly successful in conveying important information to a variety of readers. There are endless types of posts that can be used to your advantage, like guides, lists, reviews, and how-to articles. However, a blog post has its limitations, and other forms of content may connect better with your audience.


There is no question why video platforms, such as YouTube, have remained successful for so many years. People of all ages watch videos for both entertainment and learning purposes. Videos are one of the easiest ways for viewers to absorb new content, which makes them an excellent resource for businesses looking to expand marketing. From ads to tutorials, you can use a video to address your audience about almost anything.


Research that a business does itself and reports is more likely to get shared and viewed than research you report from someone else. Getting shares can skyrocket search engine optimization via backlinks and by establishing greater credibility. Conducting a survey can not only help your own business grow but may be of great interest to others in your niche.


Infographics combine pictures and words to generate engaging content that gets to the point quickly. They are easy to follow, visually appealing, and loaded with helpful information that a reader can easily digest. The amount of time viewers spend looking at a single piece of content continues to decrease, so crafting content that gets the main points across without hassle is ideal in today’s fast-paced media.

Explore more content forms for marketing

These are only a handful of possible content formats to consider for your business. Discussing your specific clientele needs directly with a professional can help narrow down a successful marketing strategy. Contact us for more information on content formats and to get help planning your next promotional campaign.

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