Projected Dip in Scheduled Hygiene Projection to Have Lasting Impact on Dentists

August 27, 2020

2020 has been a tough year for dentists everywhere. It’s almost certain that every practice and every team is experiencing new daily or weekly challenges. Throughout these trying times, we’ve been doing everything we can to make our doctor’s lives more manageable. That’s why we’re proud to discuss our new course of action that helps dentists turn things back around.

As an organization, Doctor Genius continually audits, manages, and adjusts our online strategy to what’s applicable to the times. With so much uncertainty, it’s important to identify new areas of opportunity and, more importantly, understand where the future of dentistry is headed. Ask yourself, before the pandemic, how prevalent were telehealth services in our industry? Fast forward today, and nearly all practice owners are adopting new innovative ways to reach patients and provide quality care.

Fortunately, our Doctor Genius Recovery Expert, Shawn Stiffler, has the facts and information on the preventive actions you can take to sustain your practice. With a background in finance, Shawn’s expertise shines through when dealing with Dentists who don’t have a 1000 ft view of their operations and don’t know where to go.

Understanding What Happened to Dental Practices During Quarantine

As a Recovery Expert, Shawn Stiffler’s extensive experience in the industry has proven to help dentists take a deeper dive into their market to find areas of opportunity to increase overall practice revenue.

For the past 5 years, Shawn and Doctor Genius have been able to turn underperforming practices into thriving businesses. But how? Taking a thorough and comprehensive analysis of industry standards, industry metrics, online presence, services offered, and the overall online strategy for your business can dramatically impact the direction your business will go.

Most recently, a study conducted by Local Med stated that, 

During quarantine, hygiene appointments weren’t happening. And that means those appointments weren’t being reappointed either. A deep dive into Dental Intelligence’s data has shown us that all across the country, hygiene chairs are less than 15% scheduled in September, October, and November.”

Just like any other area of your business, conducting a statistical analysis of your missed appointments, no shows, and gaps in scheduling are a great place to start in order to identify ways to improve and maximize the hygiene department`s productivity.

Why Did Appointments Dip in 2020?

Since March, medical visits have declined, despite the impact doctors warn it could have on the nation’s health. Polling indicates that people are typically more fearful of going anywhere. A few weeks ago, we looked at the economic impact this is having on businesses and steps professionals can take to remain successful during a financial downturn. This is why the onus is on the dentist to schedule more appointments by reaching out to patients again.

Scheduled Hygiene Production

How do we fix this?

By gaining more market share! We need to fill the gaps in your schedule by creating more awareness online that your practice is accepting new patients. We need to expand your online footprint and market your practice the right way!

Dental Intelligence/Local Med adds that, “Normally, hygiene schedules are 80% full. But now they’re 80% empty. It’s vital to take steps now in order to be on track to see as many of your hygiene patients as possible.” 

After auditing our own Doctor Genius client’s online and internal performance, we found that this was an overall trend for almost all dentists. It’s crucial to understand and correct this as soon as possible to ensure you’re maximizing each area of your dental practice in regard to consistency and improved performance over time. 

We’re here to help!

Since dentists are experiencing fluctuations in scheduling hygiene appointments during the quarantine, even with rescheduling efforts, there will still be a gap of incoming patients equivalent to that gap. However, clients of Doctor Genius have an online presence and system in place to continue scheduling appointments, rescheduling appointments, and focusing on patient retention efforts.

Doctor Genius can identify areas of opportunity to benefit a client’s practice, boost their online presence, and help increase practice sustainability during these uncertain times. With COVID-19 continuing to alter the medical landscape in numerous ways, it is crucial to have a plan that can adapt to this climate. Our team will help clients learn how to utilize their online reach to continue seeing current patients while bringing in new patients.

Throughout the process, Doctor Genius can help you know where you are, understand your gap analysis, and develop a plan for how to proceed. This can include a marketing plan for how to promote the key services you offer.

Take your first step into discovering your local markets untapped potential here.  Contact one of our support specialists to get set up today.

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