Importance of Writing for Skimmers

August 28, 2020

When optimizing your practice’s webpage to boost its ranking in searches, keywords are only the beginning. Utilizing keywords does nothing if readers do not read your posts. You want high conversion numbers, and shorter attention spans may put even the most SEO-optimized site at risk. Learn how to create articles that readers can quickly skim to glean the highlights.

How ranking and content work together

Google uses algorithms to increase a page’s visibility during a search return. The higher your site ranks, the more likely a potential client is to click on your page. However, getting clicks is just the beginning. Your content format must also engage and appeal to your practice’s target audience. Your blog posts should be easy to read, focusing on topics and information relevant to your practice. When we at DG create content, we focus on making them topical and easy to read.

Writing blogs for your target audience

According to Time magazine, the average person gives an article approximately 15 seconds before abandoning it. You have to hook potential clients in that short time. Utilizing methods designed to provide them with information in easy-to-digest chunks can help. Employing several methods in posts to increase reader engagement may translate into more appointments for your practice.


A good strategy to help appeal to a skimmer is utilizing headings. As in this article, paragraph headers break up content by topics. While this alone may not be enough to convey your message to readers, it can direct the eyes to the portions of your content that appeal directly to them. For instance, if your interest lies in creating lists, you may jump to the heading entitled “Bullet Points” in this article. Headings direct readers to the information they seek.

Bullet points

As a way to further maximize skimming, integrate bullet points and lists into your posts. There are a variety of ways you can do this effectively. Try not to overuse this method as your content will wind up looking like a to-do list rather than an informative and engaging post. Some elements that lend themselves easily to bullet lists include:

  • Symptoms and signs
  • Frequently prescribed medications
  • Common diagnoses
  • Treatment options

When readers start by reading lists, it may catch their attention and prompt them to finish the article for more insight.

Visual aids

People may gravitate to posts that contain visual content other than words. Integrating photographs, graphs, and charts into your content may capture potential clients by giving them something colorful to ponder. Visual representations of medical conditions, such as cavities, may also help readers understand what they need to watch for in themselves.

Get help hooking clients

Your practice hinges on new patients, and grabbing their attention requires content that is easily digestible and informative. Here at Doctor Genius, we pride ourselves on creating thought-provoking posts to entice readers into making an appointment. Set up a time to speak with us. Our staff stands at the ready to optimize your site and drive traffic to your practice. Our staff stands at the ready to optimize your site and drive traffic to your practice.

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