Posting Blogs on Open Enrollment

August 24, 2020

At Doctor Genius, we understand that insurance plays a vital role in patients getting needed healthcare services. For many patients, financial difficulties limit what care is available, and having a reliable insurance policy can help overcome this barrier. As a physician or other healthcare provider it is necessary that you inform patients about open enrollment periods and help them find policies that work well for each unique situation. This medical marketing strategy ensures that your patients are able to continue using your practice for essential health needs.

FAQs about open enrollment

Many doctors tend to stay away from any discussion about insurance with patients. However, it is important that you inform patients when open enrollment is available so that you can be an advocate for your patients getting the care they deserve. When patients are not concerned about financial barriers to care, your practice will see more appointments made and procedures accepted. 

What is open enrollment?

There is a narrow window of time that insurance companies allow patients to sign up for policies. It often only happens once a year, so it is important that patients do not miss the opportunity. Sometimes insurance companies host an enrollment day at the patient’s job if the company has a group health plan. Other times, though, the patient may be required to contact the insurance company individually. For patients turning 65, assistance with signing up for a Medicare policy can be beneficial.

Why is it an important marketing strategy? 

To establish a credible, trusting relationship with your patients, you must be able to guide them through every part of receiving healthcare. Insurance coverage is one thing that many patients struggle with. By informing your patients of available insurance options and making sure that they sign up on time, you are securing that patient in your practice for the coming year. You do not want to lose an established patient simply because they forgot to sign back up on an insurance plan and can no longer afford your services. 

How can a practice get the word out to patients?

In addition to reminding patients at every appointment when insurance enrollment will begin, having a practice blog can greatly benefit you. According to NBC News, approximately 80% of internet users have looked up some type of health information online. We are living in a connected society, and it is important that you have a place for your patients to read credible health information. Your blog can also be a great outlet for reminding patients of things like open enrollment, and updating it often helps your patients feel more connected to your practice at all times.

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