How To Communicate With Patients Through Your Website

November 05, 2020

You already have a great website that attracts and engages patients daily, so why not use it to communicate with visitors directly? More practices are moving toward this approach to retain current patients and establish relationships with new ones. By designating a specific area of your site to communicate with patients, you are increasing beneficial information flow between your business and patients while improving your SEO strategies. To take full advantage of your website, you must understand the various forms of communication you can implement and how to optimize usage.  

Communication options

There are many ways you can communicate daily with patients. In fact, offering an online communication service usually opens your business up to optimal 24/7 service for anyone who needs help. It also provides more access to mobile users, who make up about half of all online interactions. You can incorporate more than one of these options into your site to increase accessibility.

Online messaging

Those familiar with social media will know that online messaging is a common form of communication across apps and websites. Almost all banks, law offices, and online stores have turned to online messaging to quickly and concisely interact with customers. You can create a segment in the sidebar of your website or a popup message window that allows visitors to send a message immediately — whichever your site architecture accommodates. By putting a place for messages at the forefront of your site, you provide an easy and effective route for customers to reach you.


With so many other communication options available today, it can be easy to think that emails are going out of style. This is far from true, and many companies actually generate a large amount of business through a regularly scheduled email newsletter. While many people may not yet be familiar or comfortable with online messaging, emails are simple and reliable. Extra security measures may be needed to ensure patient privacy to help patients and physicians feel more at ease. Overall, email is cost-effective, and you can include your address on a contact information page on your site for customers.

Integrated online messaging

Similar to regular online messaging, the integrated system goes a step further to include patient information for the physician during a live communication. A physician can view the patient’s medical record while talking to them, and all messages automatically become a part of the patient’s record as the conversation progresses. This gives patients necessary connectivity while providing physicians with the tools for a successful engagement.

Why online communication matters

Many people, especially those of younger generations, feel more comfortable communicating via online sources than over the phone. Broadening the number of opportunities patients have to connect with you makes it easier to accommodate different schedules and lifestyles. Of course, simply having an online communication system is not enough — you still need to incorporate an inviting personal touch to make a human connection even though the interaction is through a screen.

Reach out for a greater understanding of online communication

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