Techniques for Reducing Bounce Rate

November 09, 2020

When people visit your website, you want them to stay for as long as possible. When that person leaves without exploring the site past the page originally clicked on, this is called a bounce. The bounce rate is calculated based on the number of people who exit your webpage before clicking on any of your other pages. The more people who leave prematurely, the higher your website’s bounce rate is.

Higher bounce rates are bad for business because they mean fewer visitors are converting. Converting can involve completing any number of actions, such as sending a digital message, filling out the newsletter signup form, or buying a product. By decreasing bounce rate, you can increase your audience and business.

Ways to reduce bounce rate

A great bounce rate is around 30-50%, while a poor bounce rate can land above 80%. You can view your overall bounce rate and the bounce rate of specific pages on Google Analytics or another analytic alternative. Identifying which pages have the highest rate on your website can give you a specific area to focus on instead of trying to rework the content design and SEO strategy of your entire site at once. Here are changes you can make to a page to decrease bounce rate.

Make content easier to read

Large blocks of text are much harder to digest than text that is broken up and formatted to please the eye. Using subheadings, bullet points, images, charts, and occasional bolded keywords can make it easier for people to scan your content and find links to other pages. If you have various types of pages (blogs, articles, contact pages, etc.), create style guides for each that make sure all posts adhere to the right format and are easier to read.  

Employ strong calls to action

Experiment with calls to action to see what attracts readers to click on services you offer and engage more with your site. Some may stand stronger above the rest, and you may find that others do not receive as much attention. By establishing a powerful call to action, you entice visitors to sign up for newsletters and explore more parts of your site.

Improve usability

Your site should be appealing from the first second a visitor lands on it. Anything that looks clunky, jarring, or confusing is likely to lose newcomers quickly, and in an age when online attention spans last mere seconds, creating a captivating hook is essential. Double-check that your site is easy to navigate and that finding information is not a hassle. Your site should also be able to translate smoothly from any device and screen size. A majority of users browse the internet on a mobile device, so the last thing you want is a site that looks terrible on a small screen.

Reach out for more great ideas

Every website is different, and the creation of user-friendly, attractive pages should be tailored to individual business needs. Discover new ways to improve your site’s aesthetic and minimize bounce rate, and contact us to see how to change your site to fit the latest marketing trends.   

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