Nick Adams

February 06, 2018

Don’t Do Today’s Job with Yesterday’s Tools Part I

February 06, 2018

For any medical practice trying to set up and maintain a website, it can be overwhelming to find all the necessary tools for the job. In an online market with multiple products available, there are numerous situations in which professionals invest in an online tool and are unsure of how to truly utilize it. For instance, having a tool that identifies effective keywords is only effective when someone knows how to apply those results to the website.

Fortunately, Doctor Genius has the knowledge necessary to utilize specific online tools to help get your professional website more traffic. This 5-part blog series summarizes a few of the tools that we employ in our packages.

SEO Keywords

The basic function of a professional website is to advertise a service or group of services in order to reach consumers. The effective method for keeping people on a website is to provide content covering services or related topics. However, there are thousands of resources online that can appear higher up on a Google search over our clients. Thus, we insert SEO keywords into text that will help the website appear higher up the search list.

Call Tracking

For many private medical practices, having a working phone number is an important part of the appointment process. No matter how much information is on a website, there is always a need for patients to call the office. However, professionals do not keep track of all phone calls and what source generated them. A call tracking system can measure which ads or web pages are bringing in the greatest amount of traffic. This way, we can shift focus from one aspect to another.

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The Pew Research Center states that at least 77 percent of U.S. adults own a smartphone.

Overloading a Website with Content

While it is important to have content on a website, simply flooding a website with content or copying more content onto a website will cause issues instead of benefits. Along with that is the fact that content needs to include topics and keywords that can help boost Google search list rankings.

Mobile First vs. Mobile Responsive

A mobile first website is when we create the mobile version of a website so that it appears on a phone screen without causing other issues. After creating the website for phones and tablets, we will then create the website for the desktop, as well. This way, you can have a website that appears properly on all devices without cutting off page content or causing other issues.

Doctor Genius

At Doctor Genius, we work with clients to expand their private practice by helping them reach, engage and convert consumers into new patients. By offering high-end web marketing services to medical and health professionals throughout the United States, we help clients gain more profit and build trustworthy relationships with patients to initiate sustainable practice growth.

We construct a website for your practice, establish an active online presence, build and constantly update social media profiles, help you build stronger connections with patients, streamline the appointment scheduling process, funnel traffic from search engines directly to your practice website and much more. To begin the process of increasing the success and presence of your practice, give us a call at 877-477-2311.