Nick Adams

August 15, 2017

The Core of Successful Online Marketing: Mobile First Websites

August 15, 2017

From desktop to mobile online marketing, medical professionals find great benefits in having a mobile first website. In 2015, Google found that 51 percent of smartphone users discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on a smartphone. Similar to how commercials on TV are still relevant to promoting products, having an easily accessible website that works on mobile devices is crucial for any successful practice.

Easy access

With the invention of smartphones, society began to rely on these devices for more than a few apps and phone calls. Google also found that in 2015, more Google searches took place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan. A professional practice will greatly benefit from a website that is mobile-first. Many people may browse potential dentists or doctors in their local area by searching on their smartphone while watching TV at home. Regardless, mobile searches are a crucial aspect of how potential patients determine which practice they will choose. A website that takes too long to load or is too complex to use will only motivate the patient to search other practices. Also, Google will not rank a website that takes too long to load. Thus, it is crucial to have a mobile first website. A mobile first website means that when people search the website on their smartphone or tablet devices with a smaller screen than a computer, the website is responsive or will load proportionately to the screen. At Doctor Genius, our clients can rest easy knowing that we pride ourselves on building mobile first websites to help bring in potential patients.

All the necessary information on the go

Google also found that in 2015, more Google searches took place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan.

While cell phones of the past were a technological revolution for providing call services from virtually anywhere without a cord, smartphones are famous for being able to access thousands of search results anytime anywhere. With today’s smartphone, people can have equal or more computing power to a desktop computer. Professionals need to ensure that their website has all of the necessary information readily available and easy to access on any device. If a potential patient looks at a client’s website on a smartphone and finds that the page does not work or load properly, they will probably dismiss it. Thus, Doctor Genius will set up a mobile first website that works on multiple devices and stands out in the digital market. With our tools and techniques, you can enhance your website and increase the efficiency with which you bring in new patients. Call us for more information today.

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