Basics of Writing for Video

Digital Marketing

Adding video to your medical online marketing strategy allows you to connect with potential and current clients on a more personal level. While blogs are still a powerful way to enhance SEO and bring qualified leads to your website, video has taken over the internet. According to a forecast from Zenith, across the globe, people are expected to watch an average of 100 minutes of video a day. Follow these tips to create engaging, SEO-friendly videos.

Include the elements of a strong video script

When creating video content, you need to quickly capture the viewer’s attention and get your point across in a compelling, concise format. Before you start the drafting process, take time to brainstorm these five foundational topics:

  1. The goal: What is the purpose behind your video? Are you trying to educate your audience or give a face and name to your practice?
  2. Your audience: Is your target audience current patients or people who have never heard about your practice before? Are you targeting someone who is looking for a specific treatment or who fits a certain demographic?
  3. The value: What can viewers take away from your video? Will people be informed about a service you offer, be entertained, or get details on a new promotion?
  4. The call-to-action: After watching the video, what should the viewers’ next action be? Should they call your office to schedule an appointment?
  5. The outlet: Where do you plan on using the video? Will it be placed on a landing page, used as a YouTube ad, or added to social media posts?

Once you can answer these questions, you can move onto writing a script with the following elements.

Use the right language

There is a clear distinction between the language people use when speaking and when writing. Your video script should reflect normal speaking patterns. Keep sentences short, cut out any unnecessary filler, and opt for plain language.

Keep it short

Most videos used for medical digital marketing should be no longer than two to three minutes, especially when featured on YouTube. Videos on other social media platforms are better consumed at one minute or less.  

Tell a story

Whether telling people about your staff, discussing a service you offer, or sharing a testimonial, tell a story to make the video relatable and engaging. The content should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, encouraging people to watch it all the way through.

Get your video out there

Once the script is completed and the video recorded and edited, the next step is to distribute the video. If using it on YouTube as an ad, you need to select the appropriate type of ad, create a campaign, set a decent budget, and specify which locations it should be shown. You can exclude labels that do not fit your target audience, identify website placements, and modify bids based on device type. Monitor the ad’s performance and make changes to the campaign to optimize it over time.

Use video to reach your audience

Partner with our team at Doctor Genius to get the most out of your video content. We can strategically use your videos where they will get good exposure and a positive response. Call us at 877-477-2311 to start seeing results today.

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