Why Simple and Concise Sentences Matter

October 12, 2020

Creating valuable website content is a priority for medical practices. Clients rely heavily on reviews and site content when choosing a new provider. Separating your practice from similar ones may come down to content design and website readability. Keeping things such as language and sentence structure simple may not only boost your SEO ranking, but it can also capture more business. Find out how keeping things simple can make all the difference when trying to attract more clients.

Readers have a short attention span

The world runs at a quick pace, and building a practice page that caters to this is imperative. With the demands of work and family obligations, readers do not want to spend time conducting extensive research to find a provider. Websites that present information in a concise and precise manner tend to top the list in search results, in part due to the ease with which readers can get the information they want. The quicker visitors find what is needed from your site, the more likely they are to return or, better yet, make an appointment. Simplifying website content to make it user-friendly may result in more conversions than you might think.

Writing tools that simplify content

A website has only a few seconds to grab a potential client’s attention and keep them on the page. One way to do this is by creating content that is user friendly, eye-catching, and relevant. Using a more simplistic writing style is beneficial as it tends to reach a wider audience and keep them engaged longer.

Short sentences

For a medical practice, you may believe that using an elevated vocabulary and complex sentence structure makes you sound like more of an expert. However, these things lead to fewer conversions because visitors cannot get the message fast enough. Long sentences can prove hard to follow and process. When readers need to read something more than once to understand it, they will likely move on to another site.


With the barrage of information available on the internet, readers tend to skim articles to find what they want. Making content easy to scan is crucial for keeping readers engaged with your practice’s website. Shorter sentences are faster to read. Paragraph headers make finding information at a glance easier by breaking up content in a concise and organized fashion. Headings, along with short sentences, make navigating a webpage for relevant insight quicker.


People like visually appealing web pages. Using graphics on your practice’s page allows potential clients a peek inside your office. Pictures can also draw the eye to other areas you wish to highlight. According to washington.edu, website graphics should:

  • Guide readers to focus on essential portions of the text
  • Conform to the design of the site
  • Not bog the site down with longer loading times
  • Not take away from the content of the page

Help is at the ready

The task of creating relevant and easily digestible content for your practice’s website may feel overwhelming, but we can help. Our team at Doctor Genius is ready to build your webpage using style guides utilizing short sentences and visually appealing content to attract potential clients. Give us a call to discuss how we can optimize your practice’s page for higher conversion rates.

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