Pinterest Posting Tips for Dentists

February 17, 2022

While once a small, obscure online site, Pinterest is now one of the main social media giants. Just as you may advertise and reach new patients through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Pinterest is another great place to find a broader online audience. While many dentists are unaware of the value this site holds, Pinterest has 459 million users each month and features a profile option specifically for businesses. Failing to take advantage of this dental marketing and SEO tool is a mistake that could cost you numerous potential patients.

How to attract a dental audience on Pinterest

Pinterest works like an online corkboard. It is a place where individuals and businesses can place “pins” (which look like posters) on boards that contain other similar content. Dentists can use this format to inform patients about their practice, answer common questions, and let patients get to know staff better. Here are some ways you can optimize your Pinterest profile to serve your marketing needs.

Pin information about the dentist

The majority of people now use online reviews and information to choose a new dentist. Pinterest is a great avenue to let patients know more about you. Include basic facts like what services you provide, your address, and customer reviews, but also have a little fun with it. Tell people things about yourself and your staff, such as favorite hobbies, activities, and sports. A personal connection can easily be lost on the internet, but fun pins about yourself can recreate it.

Include actual pictures of your practice

Many medical websites use stock photos. While these look professional, they do not convey anything personal about your practice. Give patients a window into your profession with pictures of your staff, waiting room, and offices. Familiarity creates more trust, and you want to establish that with patients immediately.  

Incorporate health education

Pinterest is a fantastic place to share educational material that relates to dentistry. Search for boards about dental health to pin to. Not only are you providing a service by sharing your professional knowledge, but you also can potentially discover new patients.

Advertise products you like

Many patients go online to self-diagnose and find the right products to maintain dental hygiene. Assess the products you normally recommend to your patients and include information about them in a pin. The more you share, the more likely you are to increase your online audience.

Share important relevant news

Content marketing for dentists is not always about generating new content. Feel free to share news that you think patients should know about. New studies or articles about dentistry by authoritative sources show patients that you are actively keeping up on the most recent science.

Learn to use social media to your advantage

Not everyone is a master of social media. Learning how to create effective posts and pins that reach a wide audience can be a challenge. Fortunately, Doctor Genius is here to help with advice on social media content marketing. Contact us to see how we can help you find the right online platforms. For more advice on social media for dental practices see:

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