How to Encourage Patients to Leave Positive Online Reviews

February 14, 2022

Due to increasing popularity, online reviews and the impact they have on patients and practices have been widely studied. According to a study done by BrightLocal, nine out of 10 people look to online reviews before choosing a practice to visit, and eight out of 10 regard reviews in the same category as personal recommendations now, though personal recommendations used to be prioritized significantly. Because of this, reviews now should take priority when it comes to attracting new patients and increasing medical practice ranking.  

Ways to encourage good reviews from patients

There are several ways to increase the number of reviews for marketing to patients online. The easiest and most effective methods involve a direct approach with your current patients. Many patients who have had positive experiences with you may not think to leave a review, but a little nudge in the right direction can get you one in no time.

Directly ask for a review

The simplest way to get another great review is to ask a patient. After a visit, mention that online reviews can really boost your practice if the patient takes a quick minute to write one. The majority of people who are asked to write a review will carry through.

Create easy navigation to review pages

If patients have a difficult time finding the place to leave a review, they are less likely to do so. Make this process easier by placing links in ideal locations around your website. This way, patients can drop a good review without wasting time.

Include instructions

Not all your patients are internet savvy. To get around this, print out instructions for writing a review that patients can take home with them. Eliminating confusion can also speed up the time it takes to leave a review, and simplicity can increase the number of patients who leave reviews.

Show you are open to feedback

Patients are less likely to leave a review if they think you do not honestly want feedback. Reviews are not just a way to tell others about how your practice performs but to inform you if something is amiss. Make it clear that you welcome feedback, good or bad. After all, you cannot fix an issue if your patients do not tell you about it.

Accept negative feedback in a constructive manner

To get good reviews, you need to show that you are a valuable and trustworthy practitioner. If you encounter a negative review, think carefully about how to respond. Address the concerns politely, and consider how you can implement changes to avoid getting a similar review in the future. Never lash out at a patient who has left a bad review.

Ask for reviews in other media

You may need to send a patient an email, or your medical PR may include reaching out to patients on social media. These are great places to ask for a quick review. Incorporate the instruction and links, and you may find a rise in positive feedback.

Generate more positive reviews

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