Barriers to Going Digital With Your Dental Practice

March 06, 2023

As technology continues to evolve, dentists must consider how they can adapt to the digital world. Analog processes can be reduced, technology can help patients, and a digital presence can benefit your business’s marketing. However, while there is a lot of good that can come from going digital, there are also many barriers you may face. Our healthcare practice advice is this: Going digital may take some effort, but it can be well worth it.

Challenges of going digital

Many dental offices have already started using digital technology as a primary way to address the needs of patients. An example of this is CAD/CAM technology. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing began being used in the dental industry in 1985. From there, this technology has only improved and has become an effective way of helping patients faster and with less work. Similarly, digital radiography has become a valuable asset to dentists. Pratices may face challenges when trying to implement any of these technologies, though.

The cost of digital technology

There are many benefits of using digital technology to speed up procedures and dental needs; however, an initial barrier can be the cost of this kind of technology. The equipment and training costs are a serious investment. Although this is a decision only you can make, think of the benefits of becoming more digital. How can you increase practice success by minimizing manual work and improving efficiency? Many dentists who have made the transition realize the speed and efficiency that this technology brings are extraordinary. 

The learning curve of digital processes

Another barrier to going digital is the learning curve that using digital technology requires. If you choose to invest in radiography equipment or CAD/CAM software, this impacts the entire dental office management. Training will be required, and employees may not have a large foundation of digital knowledge.

Likewise, if you move to digital processes focused on simplifying a patient’s experience, this may also require training. Luckily, once this training is complete, work should be more efficient. If you think going digital can benefit your practice, remember that this can be a slow, stable transition. Create a six-month plan that includes training and introduces technology in small installments.

The difficulty of creating a digital presence

Advertising and marketing efforts are another area where going digital can pay off. The internet is an important source of new patients. Having a strong digital presence can benefit both large and small practices and can pave the way to expanding your services.

However, there is a lot of competition online. Creating a strong presence requires a lot of work. You can overcome this challenge by creating a digital marketing strategy. Update (or create) your website, add valuable and accurate information, and start posting blogs and articles that show your dental expertise.

Let us up your digital game

One of the ways you can improve your digital presence is to get professional help. We can help you increase your reach online and make the digital transition easier. Talk to a professional at Doctor Genius today to discuss your marketing needs. 

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