Reasons to Go Digital With Impressions

February 20, 2023

Healthcare practice advice for a dental office usually consists of how to implement effective dental office management, provide exceptional customer service, and stay up to date on the latest technologies. One innovative procedure in dentistry that is becoming more popular is the use of digital impressions to craft bridges, crowns, implants, and other restorative products.

Unlike traditional impressions, which are taken by inserting a thick, viscous material known as alginate around the patient’s teeth, digital impressions are created by using a scanner wand to obtain a digital image of the teeth. The scanned image is then reviewed for accuracy and completeness and sent to a dental laboratory that creates the prescribed restoration. 

What advantages do digital impressions have over traditional ones?

This digitized process, which has made significant advances since its inception, has numerous advantages for both patients — who generally dislike the traditional alginate — and for dental practices.

Accurate margins 

Scanned digital impressions provide a 3-dimensional picture of the teeth that is easy to view on large monitors. In particular, the teeth margins are captured much more precisely than they are with traditional impressions.

Easier reimpressions

If a digital impression is not completely satisfactory, the clinician does not need to start the procedure over. Instead, the scanned image can simply be deleted and a new digital impression can be taken.

Faster procedure

Traditional impressions require more time to make because the molding substance has to be poured, mixed, administered, and set, which can take about 15 to 20 minutes. Digital images, on the other hand, can be taken in about two minutes or less.

Quicker fabrication

The labs that make restorations using scanned images can craft them more quickly than with traditional impressions because they receive the images electronically and do not have to wait for shipping. Lab technicians can also simply call the dentist with any questions or problems and make adjustments based on the images.

Reduced costs

Fewer costs are associated with digital impressions due to not having to purchase additional molding kits, disinfecting trays, and shipping supplies and services. Another cost benefit is that labs typically charge less to make restorations using digital images.

Satisfied patients

Patients consistently report that they prefer digital impressions because they experience less discomfort during the procedure and spend less time in the dental chair. Many have also noted that they do not have to return to the clinic to have inaccurate impressions retaken, saving them time and money.  

How can I learn more about digital impressions?

Remaining competitive in the dental industry requires utilizing advanced technology that is mutually beneficial to you and your patients. Staying abreast of the latest technology and offering leading-edge services that are time-saving, cost effective, and less burdensome for patients are essential. Using digital impressions is one way to help your office stand out. Find out how Doctor Genius can help you set your practice apart from the competition with our management and marketing solutions. Call us today to learn about strategies that can take your practice to the next level.

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