10 Branding Mistakes for Healthcare Practices to Avoid

March 09, 2023

When building a public image for your healthcare practice, using the right medical branding is critical. However, digital marketing techniques change so quickly, it can be difficult to know which ones will work for your practice and which may damage your image. As you seek to adapt your marketing strategy, use these tips to help your campaigns be as effective as possible. 

Stay away from these 10 branding mistakes

Avoiding these common errors can allow your marketing to connect better with patients and have more impact on the growth of your practice. 

1. Inconsistency across channels

Branding is about more than your logo. Whether your ads are on tv, radio, Facebook, Twitter, or in magazines, they need to have the same look and feel so patients easily recognize and remember you. 

2. Failing to communicate warmth and caring

Trust and compassion are two of the top qualities patients look for in a doctor, according to The Journal of Nursing and Health Studies. Your messaging should communicate these elements to have maximum impact on viewers. 

3. Overusing stock photos

Using stock photos can save time, but it does not provide patients with an accurate representation of your practice. Including pictures of your actual practice adds credibility and builds trust. 

4. Burying practice information

Patients need to know quickly and plainly who you are, what your practice specializes in, and where you are located. Prominent placement of this information encourages people to visit your practice. 

5. Getting lost in the crowd

Many medical marketing campaigns look similar and predictable. Intentionally making yours different can keep it from blending into the sea of medical ads people are bombarded with daily. 

6. Underutilizing social media

Ads on social media have the potential to reach significantly more people than those placed in more traditional places such as newspapers or on the radio. The variety of digital platforms make it easy to reach a huge audience with the same campaign. 

7. Not including a call to action

Simply providing information to people is not enough. You need to include a clear call to action in a prominent place. 

8. Ignoring patient distrust

Many people feel uncertain about or alienated by the healthcare system. Address this issue by standing behind any claims you make about treatments or results. 

9. Not using original content

The temptation, especially for smaller practices, can be to repurpose content from medical websites such as Mayo Clinic or WebMD. Writing new, original content can help you stand out in keyword searches. 

10. Using generic information

Offering generic answers to common questions is not an effective way to entice or impress prospective patients. Instead, think of specific questions your target audience may have and give precise answers. 

Use the right branding to get your practice noticed

Branding and marketing campaigns are critical to increasing people’s awareness of your practice. At Doctor Genius, we understand the difference quality marketing can make in a practice’s growth. Reach out to a member of our team today to learn more about our solutions for branding, online marketing to patients, and more. Take our healthcare practice advice and watch your patient base grow. 

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