A Quick Guide to Promoting Your Medical Blog on Social Media

June 02, 2022

Today’s digital age means that social media plays a huge role in online marketing, even for medical professionals and bloggers. Understanding how to promote your blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is a crucial part of content marketing for doctors. This simple guide can get you started on social media promotion to increase blog readers, promote your practice, and improve your online influence. For more advice on how to connect with your audience via social media, check out this post.

Promoting on the big four
It can be tempting to copy and paste a single promotion onto each of your social media accounts, but this is generally advised against. The different platforms each have their own style and format. To promote a blog successfully, posts should align with the site’s usual format. Some rely more heavily on pictures, while others limit the number of characters you can use. To post on each site effectively, follow this quick guide.

Facebook allows you to share a direct link to your blog post right on your page. This usually includes a preview of the post, the post title, and a picture. You then have the option of boosting that promotion based on your budget. Start with a low budget and monitor each boosted post to see what times work better and what audience responds the most. Continue promoting that blog post by mentioning it in quick, eye-catching snippets (80 characters or less) throughout the next week.

Instagram has several different options for promoting blog posts. The first is in the Instagram Story feature, which allows you to share pictures and text for just 24 hours. Statista.com reports that 500 million people check Stories every day, making it a huge market to engage with followers. Crafting a promotion over several Stories can attract more attention to your blog. You can also post amazing photos and attach a snippet about your blog, guiding users back to the link in your profile to check out the blog. With an ideal range of 138-150 characters, you have a little more wiggle room for text.

Tweeting is a great way to get your latest content out to patients. You can post a link with a preview of your blog post straight onto your timeline. You should continue to promote it throughout the month to engage as many users as possible. Incorporating a link within the blog post itself that lets readers share the content on their own Twitter feed is an extra bonus that you should not pass up.

Pinterest is all about advertising your ideas in a flashy fashion. Pinterest pins are digital posters where you can promote a new post using an exciting title, a spectacular picture, and a preview of the written content. By posting pins on pages with similar content, you are more likely to reach your target audience.

Build a social media presence the right way
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