How to Use Story Telling in Your Blog Writing

May 26, 2022

A great blog does not just spew useful information at its readers, even if the writer is only trying to inform dental patients why it is a good idea to visit the dentist twice a year. An effective, engaging blog post goes beyond statistics and creates a story to engage readers, taking them on a journey through the information with creative language and relatable tales. Content marketing that focuses on storytelling through blog posts is more likely to be read, therefore attracting more patients and gaining better traction online.

Blogging with purpose
You do not need to be an expert writer to make a blog that attracts new readers. What is important is weaving together your professional knowledge and personal experience to effectively relate the goal of your blog with a story. To draw readers in with a story, consider the following steps.

Start with a specific story
Experiences are a huge part of how people connect with one another. Open your blog post with an exciting account that relates to the overall theme of the post. When people know that the story is from a real experience, they are more likely to continue reading until the end. The longer visitors linger on your site, the better it scores with SEO — a major part of online marketing.

Use the story to convey information
A story can lead directly into the valuable information your readers have come for. For example, if you are blogging about certain chiropractic treatments, consider beginning with a story about receiving that treatment yourself or using it on a patient. By melding the story with information, you provide readers access to the unknown through a familiar and relatable avenue.

Consider the point of view
Point of view is incredibly important for any kind of storytelling. To sound authoritative and reliable, take the point of view of the professional, but avoid getting bogged down by intricate, boring details. To make readers feel at home, write from their perspective and convey a message that comes from someone outside your field. Enable the reader to set foot in your place as you write.

Utilize emotion
Everyone has emotional reactions to new things. Take advantage of this by telling about your own emotions and reactions surrounding the topic of your post. Give readers a connection to latch onto, and let everyone know that despite your experience, you know what it is like to be in their shoes.

Research similar posts
To get an idea of how to convey a good story, look up other posts about similar topics. Read a few top choices to see how other writers establish a story and use it to provide data and insights. This can give you a jumping-off point for your own work.

Write amazing storytelling posts
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