How Barnacle SEO Can Help Small Practices

June 13, 2022

SEO is a crucial aspect of any small practice’s marketing technique. Implementing important keywords that patients may search online for, establishing backlinks, and publishing content that is highly valued by users, and therefore search engines, is the traditional way of establishing search engine optimization for doctors. However, it is not the only strategy. Barnacle SEO is another option that allows smaller businesses to ride the coattails of larger, more successful ones that often take up the majority of search engine results.

What is barnacle SEO?

Small practices usually cannot compete with larger ones in terms of online search results. The large practices have so much authority and are so well known that any common keyword typed into a search engine usually leads to these websites first. Barnacle SEO in healthcare is a strategy to use these dominating websites to increase your own digital visibility. The general strategy behind this form of SEO is to attach your business to another through other mutual websites, such as Yelp or Google Business.

How can you use barnacle SEO?

To utilize this medical SEO strategy to the max, you first need to do a little research and complete a few steps. It is important to understand the well-known practices and websites that are good to latch onto, as well as how to successfully create a link between your practice and those.

Research keywords

First, look into websites that pop up for keywords you would like to use. For example, a dentist may want to incorporate the keyword “cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening,” but a larger dental practice may come up in an online search. The dentist now knows what website is the dominant authority for that keyword, and it can be used as a potential source for barnacle SEO. Keep in mind that you want to use websites that have good rankings and that relate strongly to your own practice.

Study third-party sites

Next you need to determine what third-party sites are most used by the practices you want to associate with. You may find that Yelp, Yellow Pages, or Angie’s List are top contenders. Make an account on the one where you most frequently find those authoritative sites. When people search for keywords linked to those sites, there is a good chance they will see your website as well.

Find advertising spots

You can also advertise on those other sites directly. Many large practices already have advertisements running in side panels or throughout various pages. Most sites have information about their advertising, and you can follow the guidelines and contact them to learn how to promote your practice there. However, make sure that these websites do not directly compete with your services, as that could prevent your site from being advertised there. When done correctly, users who visit these sites are more likely to see your ad and so discover your site, too.

Learn more about SEO tactics

There are many more ways to improve your SEO strategies and get your website seen by more people. Doctor Genius can help you understand what works for your practice and develop a plan to boost online traffic. Contact us for more information.

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