A Quick Guide to Posting on Social Media for Medical Practices

August 09, 2021

With online competition at an all-time high, it is imperative that online medical marketing includes social media strategies. Whether you are posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you need to understand how each platform functions and, more importantly, how they differ from one another. Not all content you post to one platform can be copy and pasted to the next, so medical practices need to optimize for each site to gain more followers and attract new patients.

Key social media tips

At the least, your social media marketing needs to take Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into account. You can eventually broaden your horizons to experiment with Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr, but this guide focuses on the big three with broad tips you can apply to your whole marketing plan.

Research your audience

There is no point in posting content to a platform that does not attract your main audience. Research your audience demographics and discover what social media sites they prefer. This can tell you where to focus your medical digital marketing as you start out.

Keep your business profile relevant

Patients visiting any of your social media profiles should be able to find basic helpful information on your practice. Make sure you include an address and contact information that visitors can easily access in case they want to make an appointment or ask a question. The more information available, the greater the chances of connecting with more new patients.

Avoid cross-posting

Cross-posting is the act of copying the same message and content across all your social media feeds. This is not recommended, as many platforms specialize in different mediums. You can use the same basic message for each platform, but change the formatting so that it fits in each.

Posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Posts on all of these social media giants can include images, videos, and text, but each has limits on how media functions. Study this breakdown on average post-length and whether to use images and hashtags.  


In general, the more concise the message on Facebook, the more people stop to read. Images should be eye-catching and relate to the text. Engaging content attracts more users, so incorporate polls and challenges that visitors can participate in. The optimal length of a Facebook post is 40-80 characters with a headline of five words. A single, concise hashtag that relates to your practice is ideal.  


Twitter already limits characters to 280 in a single tweet, but tweets with 71-100 characters are more likely to gain the most traction. Including visually engaging content with text, like a picture or video, also increases a tweet’s chance of circulating. Twitter recommends using one to two hashtags per tweet.


Instagram is all about the picture first. Each post should be a vibrant, striking image that makes users pause on the content. Capitalize on the image by including a quick caption (138-150 characters) that gives the picture context and allows visitors to engage with you. Hashtags are the way many people find new content on Instagram, so using more is always better.

Improve your social media presence

Doctor Genius can help you grow your online marketing strategy. Contact us to learn more about our services and what we can do to establish and expand your social media presence.

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