What Should Medical Practices Be Posting on Social Media?

August 12, 2021

Social media has become an integral part of society. A large part of the population partakes in one or more platforms, so social media for doctors has become a piece of a practice’s marketing puzzle. If you are new to this type of online medical marketing, the prospect may feel daunting. However, with the right guidance and suggestions, your practice’s social media posts can go a long way to drive business.

Knowing where to begin

The goal in prioritizing content management for healthcare practitioners is to ensure your social media content is getting across the right message to the right people. However, as Forbes.com points out, there are unique challenges in the medical field around patient confidentiality. Even so, it is possible to create an online presence without sacrificing confidentiality.

Social media is one forum where people tend to congregate daily. Creating a practice page is the first step in establishing a foothold in this online gathering place. It should contain basic facts about the practice (location, specialty, hours, website) and pictures of the office. Do not include photos of clients without permission. Build a page that is positive and professional.

Mixing social media posts

Social media posts are meant to inform and attract attention. Creating a mix of content relevant to your practice can give audiences insight into the services provided and shine a light on some of the more personalized care provided.

Explaining common conditions

Creating content showcasing the conditions the practice treats is one way to grab views and follows on social media. Steer clear of using too many technical terms that are confusing or uninteresting to viewers, but do not make the posts so simplistic that it casts a negative light on the practice.

The provider can author and share articles or blogs on treatments and the benefits. Educating patients should become a focus of social media posts. Doing so on various conditions, treatments, benefits, and risks will help round out the more technical social media content for the practice.

Showing a lighter side

Current and potential clients want to see your human side. While most of your social media content can revolve around your practice, the services you provide, and treatment types, you should occasionally lighten the mood. Posting fun and entertaining articles, facts, and trivia tidbits may wind up netting you more views.

The social media content should always be relevant to your practice and the type of clients you cater to. For instance, if you deal with children, posts on social media around the holidays about gifts for kids or dealing with leftover candy may appeal to families. Posting pictures of pets during National Pet Month in May, whether sent in from staff or clients, is another way to increase engagement.

Help Is Near!

If the thought of posting regularly on social media is overwhelming, we can help. Doctor Genius has a full roster of staff who can map out an online marketing strategy that includes regularly scheduled social media posts to increase your practice’s visibility across the board. By using SEO targeted keywords and creating a variety of content articles, DG has the tools to get your practice’s web presence up and running. Give us a call today at 1-877-477-2311 to discuss the relevant marketing packages for your needs.

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