5 Tips for Promoting Your Dental Practice on Instagram

July 29, 2021

Promoting your practice in today’s digital age often necessitates planning a dental marketing strategy purely for social media. With approximately one billion users per month according to statista.com, Instagram is one of the most powerful online influences. Knowing how to optimize the platform with proper campaigns can boost your marketing strategy and attract new patients to your practice. Here is why you should not miss utilizing Instagram’s worldwide reach and how to create successful campaigns with every post.

How to market through Instagram

Before you begin posting on Instagram, it is helpful to understand how users interact with the platform and how to attract the right audience for your practice. Instagram offers several different mediums to convey your message, from eye-catching photos to videos and polls that you can present through a temporary “Story.” You can also use Instagram for online dental marketing by boosting posts, which is the same as paying to have your content show up on more users’ news feeds.  

For audience, think about what your typical patient looks like. Consider the services you normally offer and what patients might be looking for when visiting your website, then include these things on your Instagram page, making them easy to find. You can use an analytics program to determine more traits about your audience’s demographic, such as gender, age, and the content viewed the most. Once you have a solid knowledge of the platform and your audience, it is time to use the following tips to up your Instagram game.

1. Be consistent

Consistency is everything when marketing to patients online. If users can rely on daily or weekly posts from your practice, they are more likely to check back on a regular basis. Keeping users engaged makes your posts more visible to a wider audience, allowing you to attract more people to your practice.

2. Use your Story

A new Instagram Story always pops up on the top of users’ feeds. Since a Story is visible immediately, it is more likely to be clicked on and explored. The content in Stories only lasts for 24 hours, meaning that fresh content is always needed. Do not skimp on using your Instagram Story for promotions. This aspect of Instagram can be more creative and engaging than typical posts, so sharing calls to action and interactive material such as countdowns, polls, and quizzes can make you stand out.

3. Post striking visuals

Instagram is, above everything else, a platform for pretty pictures. The more striking and impressive the pictures, the more exposure your practice will get online. Choose visuals that cause a patient to pause to see the caption included with your picture.

4. Research hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool for finding more of your audience. You can incorporate hashtags at the end of each post that relate to the post directly and to your practice as a whole. Many users follow certain hashtags, so displaying the right ones can get your practice noticed by those who are not already following you.

5. Interact with other users

Interacting on Instagram is as easy as responding to comments to your posts and commenting on other posts. By participating in other users’ interactive content, your name becomes more recognizable to the Instagram community.

Find more great ways to market online

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