5 Things Successful Medical Blogs Do

June 29, 2022

Blogging is a great way to establish content marketing for doctors. With more people using the web to book appointments and find new medical practices, there is no better time to start your own blog to attract new patients. Blogging can bring more traffic to your website, which in turn makes it more visible to online users as search engines pick up on your positive medical SEO. If you are looking for a fresh angle to approach your digital marketing, this may be it.

Blog the right way

Anyone can start a blog, but it takes careful attention to detail to create a blog that stands out. With so many medical blogs out there, you need to make sure yours checks every box to go above and beyond the competition. If you fail to incorporate these five essentials, your blog may never be seen by the majority of your target audience.

1. Research your audience

It can be tempting to make your blog as appealing as possible to the greatest number of people, but this can end up attracting no one. Before you start writing, research your target audience. If you are a dentist, find out the types of articles prospective dental patients tend to gravitate toward. By understanding what is important to your audience, you set yourself up for creating content readers will find valuable.

2. Find your focus

What kind of blog do you want to have? If your aim is to reach more patients, consider the type of posts that interest them the most. You probably get a lot of commonly asked questions during appointments, so write posts answering those questions specifically. Brainstorm topics that patients would expect to find on your site, and use those as a starting point.  

3. Use the right format

There are loads of formatting options to consider for your blog. Use tools like Google Analytics to determine which posts reach the most people. Experiment with posts that incorporate FAQs, lists, stories, infographics, guides, checklists, and guest blogs to see what performs well.

4. Post consistently

It is all too easy to fall out of a posting schedule, but this is one mistake that could cost you many future patients. Posting regularly boosts your SEO and gives your readers a reliable source of weekly or monthly information. New content keeps committed readers engaged and returning for more, all the while increasing your blog’s digital reach. Whether it is twice a week or twice a month, make a schedule you can stick to.

5. Keep it simple

As a medical professional, you probably know a lot of technical jargon and medical terms. Remember not to fall into the habit of dropping medical language that your patients may not understand. Your blog should be easy for everyone to read. Even if you are explaining a complex procedure, break it down into terms that a patient would understand, the same way you might explain it to someone sitting in your office.

Kickstart your blog

Blogging is a big part of content management for healthcare, and you should not miss out on the opportunity to blog just because you are too busy for it. Doctor Genius can help you set up a blogging plan that fits your schedule and give you tips on how to upgrade every post. Contact us to learn how to boost your blog from good to great.

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